Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001) Review


Bridget Jones is pretty much sick of her singleton life style and vows to make some serious changes. Through her diary entries we get to go along on the crazy ride as she attempts to find true love.


I will admit that on my first viewing not long after its release I didn’t actually like it. Although in hindsight that should really be that I just didn’t understand it, I was too young to really get it. Over the years I have truly grown to love the film and characters. Although I am now reaching the stage of approaching my 30s (July 2017 to be exact) and now the character is extremely frightening that I am going to become Bridget Jones, the spinster!

Anyway after a terrible Christmas and New Year this is what sparks Bridget into really wanting to change her life, meeting Mark Darcy at a family gathering is going to have a bigger impact than she will first realise. Especially when she is blinded by her sleazy boss Daniel Cleaver who is only after one thing, oh and the many lies he tells her! But come on we all know that every woman out there would be picking Cleaver the bad boy who you think you can change who wants the nice boy Darcy?

The film does move at a good pace with plenty of hilarious moments that you can actually relate to, I think that is the main reason Bridget Jones is so well loved. You have done something that she does, like speaking what you were thinking and it not working out very well at all or being the best idea in the world! Making plenty of bad choices, especially when linked to alcohol and having your friends give you advice that you want to hear.

The two men in the film are certainly polar opposites and that is what makes it even more interesting. Mark Darcy is very upper class and that certainly attributes to his manner. Although that does not stop well everyone falling in love with him, yes well done to Colin Firth! I have pretty much had an obsession with him since this film. Such a British character as well which I think makes it even more amusing.

Renee Zellweger really is fantastic as Bridget and does so well with the accent throughout. We all know that she put on a lot of weight for the role and that is another reason she is relatable with the masses of audience who watch this film. She certainly does feel like a very real character that you could find well pretty much all across the UK. Then you have the two men that she ends up stuck between in Colin Firth and Hugh Grant, both of which are fantastic especially in the ridiculous fight scene!

I have also read the book and think that the film is a very good and close adaptation. Do we have a generation of Bridget Jones’s or does each and every generation have them? If so then this film will always have a relevance and should we actually panic that we will end up like her? That is certainly a new thought after watching this film again over the weekend. Is it too much to ask for each and every one of us to just find our Mark Darcy instead of our Daniel Cleaver?

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