Bridget Jones’s Baby (2016) Review


Bridget Jones is back and she never kept her happy ending with Mark Darcy. She has just turned 43 and still very much single, decides to change her life choices which leads to becoming pregnant. One problem, the baby has two possible fathers.


While I cannot deny that I am not happy with the big storyline in this film come on Bridget and Mark were meant to be together! It actually is a very entertaining, funny and good film. Bridget Jones still has all of her charm and makes hilariously bad choices at times. That is one of the many reasons everyone loves the character so much because it feels real, that she makes mistakes and says silly things like we all do every single day.

For Bridget her birthday marks another year of being alone and all of her close friends are now married with children, which does make you think back to the very first film and how crazy they all were. Why is Bridget not with Mark though? It does take a while to get answers for that, I will admit that it was rather heartbreaking to know that he was married to someone else!

We then get Jack an American who Bridget meets at a festival, I guess it was a better addition than bringing back Daniel Cleaver again, thankfully Hugh Grant did not want to be part of this film. Even Bridget Jones wouldn’t make that mistake again! But I totally love Mark Darcy so did not want to see Jack come in between another chance of a happy ending for Bridget.

Emma Thompson was fantastic in her small role as the Doctor who even played along for both fathers until Bridget decided to tell them at the same time. Which was probably not the best idea in the world, but they were extremely happy when finding out the news. The film keeps you wondering until the very last scene and I am obviously not going to spoil it! I was always rooting for Mark though, I can imagine most people were the same.

Adding in an American character certainly highlights even more just how British certain things are in the film which I thought was great! Even if we did get the odd American term in the film “cell phone” was one that annoyed me a little bit “mobile phone” every time in the UK! It really does feel like such a tense wait to find out and it’s so close that it really could go either way.

It was brilliant to see Renee Zellweger back as Bridget Jones and a lot of the pre-film talk had been about her appearance and the weight she had lost but once back in that role it is not an issue or problem at all. We all know it is Bridget. The small moments with Jim Broadbent and Gemma Jones were good again as well making sure that we had even more humour from start to finish. It is something that you cannot help laugh at, so I did get over the story (slightly) it’s just come on Mark Darcy! It certainly took a different direction from the third book!

I really would recommend this film, especially if you are a fan of romantic comedies, the first two films or British films as it really does have such a great amount of wit and charm. Bridget Jones still has what it takes to fill a cinema screening as well!

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