Hell or High Water (2016) Review


Two brothers are targeting banks to rob them but it isn’t exactly as it first seems. Toby a divorced father trying to look out for his sons has a plan in place to ensure they have a better life than he did. Texas Ranger Marcus Harrison is determined to catch the pair in his final weeks before retirement.


Very pleased to be able to catch the Unlimited Screening for this film. I mean can Jeff Bridges do any wrong? I actually don’t think that would be possible, the more I watch him in films the more I am impressed. With this one it takes a little while for him to get into it but that is not a bad thing at all. Especially when Chris Pine and Ben Foster are pulling off very impressive performances as the two brothers.

Tanner is well pretty much crazy, having spent time in prison for well many different things. He seems to be the total opposite to his younger brother Toby. Although his devotion towards his brother cannot be ignored and is something that you have to admire considering everything else he does is selfish, he really does care.

Coming up against the pair who are trying to get one over on the bank, is Harrison along with his partner Alberto who have a bit of a double act in the “banter” and/or name calling. Mainly towards Alberto with the Indian and Mexican jokes. The film just screams Texas and Cowboys, which was rather impressive to watch in all honesty. The music was placed in it very well and at the right times it even makes you smile as you watch it.

While everything about the story seems straightforward it has a lot more twists and turns  than you will expect, I was certainly surprised with how engaging and interesting the film turned out to be. That is always a good thing about watching a film isn’t it the possibility of being massively surprised by it.

It certainly makes you think and wonder even more about banks and how they have managed to destroy many small towns and businesses over the years. As that is certainly a key point in this film, especially as it is something we have seen quite a lot on screen in the past few years. It has a perfect balance and mix of a hot and current topic with a good and interesting story.

The performances really helped to make it all as well especially from Pine and Foster who bounced well off each other with the latter really showing how good he can be as a total well psycho at times. Bridges as you would expect and certainly puts in another great performance!

I certainly do recommend this film it is easily one of the best I have seen (so far) this year, even if I am struggling to put into words what was so good about it. The feel to it, the performances and story, isn’t that all we want from a film? For those things to all merge together to create a very good film? Also add in a brilliant shooting scene!

15 thoughts on “Hell or High Water (2016) Review

  1. Foster and Pine have gone up in my estimation in recent years. Both now terrific actors. They’re a big drawer for me in regards to Hell and High Water. Heard a few good things about this one. Thanks for the recommendation.

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    • Hope you enjoy it when you see it Dan! Yeah they have both grown so much over the years, even if I still can’t get Pine as Prince in Into The Woods splashing about in the water out of my head haha.


  2. Ooo this sounds like a really strong cast! I love that Chris Pine is carefully picking the sort of films he does now and Ben Foster was just FANTASTIC in The Program but haven’t seen him in anything since. Will definitely be checking this out!


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