The Purge: Election Year (2016) Review


The third instalment sees Senator Charlie Roan take a stand against The Purge and as part of her election campaign promises to get rid of the awful night. This displeases the New Founding Fathers who change the rules this year no one is exempt from the Purge!


Charlie Roan had a truly awful night one year with the Purge as all of her family were brutally murdered in front of her, since then she grew to want to banish the night by becoming President. As her campaign seems to be gaining good ground and people backing her the NFFA realise she is a real threat to what they have set up. They therefore change the rules this year and no one is exempt, I think we can imagine what is going to come next!

Leo Barnes is back which I thought was great as I really enjoyed his character in the second film and think he grows even more in this one. He is in charge of Roan’s security team and must work very hard to keep her safe for those 12 hours. We also get Joe and Marcos who work in a shop and are looking to protect it, along with Laney who works out on the streets saving people!

The series has really grown with each film and this has really gone further than Anarchy. Some of the scenes were certainly more disturbing, yes awful girl in the shop I am talking about you. A creepy performance as well, but pathetic at the same time very messed up few moments!

I think what made this film even better as an addition to Leo was certainly the character Joe, a man who had worked hard all of his life for his shop and did not want anyone to destroy it after the insurance companies put the prices up! I think his wit really added to parts of the film and much needed relief at times when things were getting very serious.

We get a look at how the Purge has really changed different classes and why some people want to get involved. Also a massive change in the sadistic side as people want to travel from different parts of the world to take part in killing someone else, it really has scaled up and random characters really do make your skin crawl. I thought this was a good thing about the film giving small bits of information from different people and how things can suddenly snap. Many disturbing moments which really keep building until the final scenes, it moves at a decent pace and once things get crazy you will struggle to catch your breath watching it.

I guess it is pretty strange that I have ended up a fan of this series though considering Horror is not a genre that I watch very often, but I certainly have found myself wrapped up in the concept behind it all. Very interesting, yes sadistic but does make you wonder what would actually happen if a Purge really did exist! This would be a fantastic end to the series, which I think was the original plan but it is left open for a possible fourth.

2 thoughts on “The Purge: Election Year (2016) Review

  1. Glad to see you liked it, i do feel it has now turned into a full blown action film as the only horror elements were side characters who i do see as the only flaw in the film because i would have liked to have seen an established Purger that strikes fear in people, as i felt the random psychos were on their first ever Purge

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    • Yeah that’s how it came across and that most people want rid of the night. So many directions it could have went in, I know what you mean about the horror side … I feel it’s more thriller at times as well.

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