Throwback Theatre Thursday!


I have decided to add a new weekly feature a small take on Throwback Thursday by adding Theatre into it all so TTT if you will on Let’s Go To The Movies.

The idea behind it is that I have been attending the Theatre for over 12 years now and the blog has been running for 7 years, as you see a rather big gap in-between those so I will be posting about the shows I have seen along with some cast information, as I thought that would be brilliant to look back over and see which actors I have then seen years later. If they have moved from the ensemble into bigger roles.

You can see my Theatre going list here and keep up to date with 2016 here!

2 thoughts on “Throwback Theatre Thursday!

    • I’ve got my collection of cinema tickets, but your right it’s all QR code now. I used to still print them but gave up a while ago. I hope Theatre tickets don’t go the same way!

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