Middle Earth 6 Film Collection


In the past couple of days it has been announced that the biggest ultimate edition of Middle Earth is going to be available. That includes all three Lord of the Rings films and all three of The Hobbit films.

On both Blu Ray and DVD extended and theatrical editions, as well as codes to download the digital versions of all films as well. A truly incredible thing that I would just love, but the price is a bit crazy $799.99! I haven’t currently found anything about the UK release.

Apparently though this is not the ultimate edition Peter Jackson wants us fans to have, he had something else in mind with new footage and special features. Maybe we have to hope that will still happen!

15 thoughts on “Middle Earth 6 Film Collection

  1. I heard about this. The $799.99 price tag seemed ridiculous. After seeing the above photo and hearing about some of what comes with it, the price is still ridiculous but not as much so. I am curious, when you say “On both Blu Ray and DVD extended and theatrical editions,” do you mean that the boxset comes with both or that you can buy a theatrical boxset or a extended edition boxset?

    Anyway, thanks for the post. I’m unlikely to get any new release since I already have the extended sets of both trilogies, but nice to learn about this new set regardless.

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    • You can get both editions, but it does come with the digital copies of both extended and theatrical versions.

      Absolutely nuts the price tag, considering how much Amazon are selling the extended box sets for each of them.


  2. It’s a pretty set to be sure, but with no new content aside from the packaging, it’s ridiculously overpriced and a little pointless. I mean, who’s it aimed at? Super fans with cash to burn. I bet we don’t see a UK release because there probably isn’t a big enough market.

    I still hope they let Jackson do the long-discussed “ultimate edition”s someday. There’s still so much footage from LotR we’re yet to see… That would be worth re-buying them all for!

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    • You’re totally right about re-buying if Jackson gets to release the LOTR footage I would love that watched every single thing on the Extended Editions of each film including watching them with the cast commentary on! Nuts the price tag with no special features, I still felt I needed to blog about it though ahh.

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  3. I’ve been waiting for ages for this to come out and resisted all the other previous blu-ray editions. Now when we finally get confirmation followed by the price tag, it’s a ludacris situation. No one is going to pay that amount of money for that set. The fact that Peter Jackson was not even involved in this collection makes me sad. It also makes me think that the studio is over estimating the LOTR fan base. If fans are going to “double-dip”, it’s because there’s something new and not buying the exact same thing for a glorified, overpriced shelf.

    Plus, it’s a 30 disc blu-ray set! A lot of those specials features (which I assume are just the features from DVD boxset) could easily fit on one disc. Heck, even the extended editions could and should fit on one disc. Close Encounters on blu-ray has about 3 different cuts of the same film on one disc!

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    • Your totally right about fitting them on one disc etc! The price tag is unreal. I thought it was mistaken when I first heard about it and had an extra 9 in! Madness. I’ll stick with my EE Blu Ray collection for the moment. I haven’t even got The Hobbit EE – expect the first one. I think I need to give them all another chance, just don’t come close to LOTR as that trilogy sparked my love for film.

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      • It’s the sensible choice at the moment and I don’t blame you. The fact that the EE films are not on one disc in this day and age, is a joke. It’s lazy along with an unreasonable price for such a beloved set of films. It’s a shame they’re treating the property in such a way.

        Haven’t seen any of the Hobbit EE. I do like the Hobbit, just wish Jackson had more time to refine it. The LOTR EE is an cinematic experience!

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  4. It comes with digital versions of the theatrical editions, but doesn’t come with blurays of the theatrical, which is pathetic for a set costing this much. And no new material either. Some if you own all movies (which, anyone looking at this set probably does), you are paying $800 for a shelf and a book of artwork.

    This is an awful release, and I am really worried about what it will mean for physical media in the movie industry. It feels like Warner Brothers wants to put the nail in the coffin of bluray and using this set as an excuse after no one buys it without actually addressing all the problems with the product they released. They simply dont want to put effort into dvd and bluray, that is clear.

    The sad thing is that WB used to be on top when it came to Bluray releases. They have put out some amazing releases based on their classic films: Gone with the Wind, Wizard o Oz, Casablanca… But they must have had some management change or something because they are simply not interested in giving movie fans (and in this case a specific but large and passionate LOTR fanbase) what we want.

    So it going to end up in that tautological situation where they don’t release products that we want, and then claim that we aren’t buying blurays anymore so why bother? As an avid fan of Bluray, this really makes me sad.

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    • I don’t blame you for feeling sad with this at all, it’s a disgrace the price tag! I hope Peter Jackson eventually gives us the never before seen Lord of the Rings footage!


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