Bad Moms (2016) Review


Amy tries to do everything looking after her children, holding down a job and putting up with her lazy husband. This is about to change when events put things in motion for her to rebel against the norm with new found friends, they decide to be bad Moms!


This was an Unlimited Screening from Cineworld meaning we got a slight preview of this film before it is on general release next week. I want to meant early on that I was surprised by this film and found it to be much better than I ever expected. The best thing is though it’s a comedy film that actually made me laugh quite a few times!

Milan Kunis is Amy and carries the film very well and comes across as a likeable character. It probably shouldn’t be funny watching mothers change the way they have been spoiling their children but it actually was!

The story mainly takes place around the middle school her children attend and Amy is just fed up with the PTA run by Gwendolyn. She is nasty and wants everyone to do what she wants and holds too much power over the other mothers and the teachers at the school. Amy will become the first person who will tell her no, which causes everything to change and it will be for the better. Carla does not hide how much she likes to drink and she quickly becomes a friend to Amy and Kiki a stay at home mother who has four children to look after, as well as a husband who thinks she should be doing everything.

The three women really then help each other to change their lives for the better, allowing them to stand up for themselves and the things they believe in. Amy’s husband Mike is a horrible character, but I don’t think we are supposed to like him at all. Taking the whole internet thing to a new level in the way he cheats on her, quite a strange scene but I guess that is the way things are going now.

Our main three deal with everything that is thrown at them in unconventional ways and you cannot help but respect them for that. My only gripe has to be at Jada Pinkett Smith and Annie Mumolo who seem totally pointless as Stacey and Vicky, they don’t offer anything and the later is always the same character who you could easily cut from a film and not miss at all.

On the whole though I did find myself enjoying this (much more than I ever imagined) and that has to be a positive thing to say about a comedy film which actually manages to make you laugh at times, always a plus of a comedy! Also let’s just mention how attractive Jay Hernandez is in this film, wow! His character and what will happen is very predictable but we can all live with that. Sometimes you just need a film like this to chill out and watch taking away any troubles you may have.

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