Stranger Things (Season 1) Review

The disappearance of a young boy named Will starts an effect of very unusual and strange events. Especially when a young girl suddenly appears and possesses some very special powers!

I took me quite a while to decide to jump on the bandwagon to start watching this series, but once I started it really did not take me very long to fly through the eight episodes. It leaves the audience with a cliffhanger at the end of each episode. Which is not a problem when you are watching on Netflix as the next episode starts playing straight away. The first couple of episodes were extremely scary in all honesty, making you jump and not want to see what is going to come next. The reaction of “what on earth was that” is certainly a great way to feel watching a TV series! The only problem is that the fear factor didn’t last as long as wondering why Eleven was the way she was and if we would ever find Will.

The friendship between Mike, Dustin and Lucas really does show that as long as you have that you can get through well pretty much anything. Even when a very strange girl shows up, but quite luckily if she is on your side you are more than safe. I thought the character development of the boys grew at a steady pace and bringing Eleven into the group worked very well. As it took each of them a little bit longer to really trust her, wait until you can see what she is really capable of.

Jim Hopper the police chief in the town soon starts to realise that everything is not exactly as it seems. He starts to work things out on his own and forms an alliance with Joyce Byers (Will’s mother) after thinking she was crazy. He was a good character as well as we saw flashbacks to how his life was turned upside down and changed forever.

The acting performances I thought were rather impressive especially from the young actors, really holding everything together in such a brilliant way. They were likeable and you could not help but to want them to not only succeed but to survive as well. It gets pretty deep in terms of other universes and the “upside down” so make sure you watch this and pay plenty of attention to what is going on all the time!

I actually was pretty impressed with Winona Ryder and thought she played the grief stricken mother very well, all kinds of crazy going on with her character until others see what she has. Very impressive cast and performances for this Netflix Original which has been massively compared to 1980’s films with plenty of throwbacks to that genre and time. I really would recommend giving this ago, the first few episodes are fantastic and the rest still very good. It just loses a little bit of its pace as the series progresses and we have more parts of the story to follow.

12 thoughts on “Stranger Things (Season 1) Review

  1. Great to hear that you enjoyed it. It’s definitely my favourite show of 2016. A part of me doesn’t want a second series because I love how it ended. It’s like the perfect open ended mystery. But at the same time, I’m curious on where it goes. The cast are brilliant.

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