Nerve (2016) Review


When Vee is told by her best friend that she is boring and never takes any risks this pushes her to become a player rather than a watcher of this new game called Nerve. A high risk dare game, which you can win money from completing the dares as everyone watches online.


I remember being rather intrigued by this one when first seeing the trailer, it has a cool concept when you think about how obsessed everyone has become with instant messaging, photos and videos. It has all come a very long way in a rather short space of time from just texting or having messengers just on your home computer. We now all carry around a smartphone which gives us the option to constantly be checking up for the latest news, and posts from our friends and family.

The storyline in this film has gone a step further to using the smart phones for a “game” which actually creates real life crazy situations as it gives the players a dare that they must complete in a set amount of time. This is where Vee takes a step outside her comfort zone and becomes a new person as the game consumes her. The watchers seem to like her partnered with Ian who is one of the top players.

The idea behind it is to win by having the most viewers and completing the high stake dares. Even the first dare is worth $100 so you can imagine how high it goes up as she moves further into the game, especially when she could do with the money. That is another reason it makes it very interesting for people who need the money.

The most enjoyable factor about the film has to be that it also consumes you as a viewer and it really does have an incredibly tense feeling at times. Especially when things get extremely crazy, think motorbikes and heights it makes your heart race just watching as well as holding and then trying to catch your breathe as you are then unsure what the game is going to throw at them next.

Emma Roberts and Dave Franco work very well together and have enough amount of chemistry for it to really work. We actually care about the characters and how they get along with each other. It takes longer to find out about Ian’s background, which works as good character development.

It does make you wonder if after this film anyone will actually try to set this kind of thing up, or if it has actually been tried out before. Imagine the uproar if this happened though, people were bad enough about Pokemon Go! I also did think that it was a good job that they didn’t have an iPhone trying to last the night as the battery would have been gone after a few hours (don’t worry Apple I still love you really).

Certainly plenty of thinking and talking points related to this film though and certainly one of the better ones I have seen in recent months. I really do love nothing more than being surprised by a film when you least expect it. It dared to be different and new, this is something that worked big time for me!

4 thoughts on “Nerve (2016) Review

  1. I didn’t want to read too much of your review but just read the start/finish and seems like it should be one to watch. Been sitting on the fence about it and this may have pushed me in the right direction. Thanks!

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  2. […] Considering everything now has such a high social media presence I did think the concept behind this film was very interesting. An app which basically is dares for the player and they get money by doing some rather outrageous tasks. The best thing I found though was that the film more than delivered and therefore it makes this list as the concept certainly did work! […]


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