Top 5: Comic Book Films!

With so many superhero films bombarding us over the past few years I have decided to put together a top 5 list of my favourites!


5. X2 (X-Men 2) 


I recently revisited the original X-Men films I really do think this one is still the best they have come up with, a little bit of everything and a fantastic second chapter with plenty of moments to keep you going.

4. The Avengers – Review


This was our first huge taste of having loads of superheroes together and it really did work with such great effect! I still enjoy this one now and still find it a shame that Age of Ultron just didn’t live up to how much I love this.

3. Iron Man 3 – Review


Robert Downey Jr really is just perfect as Tony Stark come Iron Man and while the first film was great and really kick started the Marvel Universe it is the third film that I really hold in the highest regard. Incredible character development with a decent storyline to go along with, I really feel it took “comic book films” to a different level.

2. Batman Returns

I might have even surprised myself with the inclusion of this film but when deciding on the list I thought that this one creeped me out so much as a kid that it is well deserving of a place in my top 5! Danny DeVito as Penguin really is all kinds of creepy still now (when he bites the man ahh), thank you Tim Burton for creating such a dark Gotham! We have an incredible Catwoman and Keaton really was a great Batman.

1. The Dark Knight – Review


This will not come as any surprise whatsoever if you know me and follow this blog I am sure you knew this was going to be in my number 1 spot. It isn’t only my favourite superhero films but one of my all time favourite films. Ledger is something else as the Joker along with Eckhart as Dent and Christian Bale as Batman/Bruce Wayne also throw in Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman and we have a truly fantastic film!


What would make your Top 5 list? 

17 thoughts on “Top 5: Comic Book Films!

  1. Nice choices, I would end up going away from the superhero films for favourite comicbook films with a list like
    Deadpool, Snowpiercer, Road to Perdition, 30 Days of Night and a soft spot for Thor lol

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  2. I also revised a lot of the X-Men films, and the second is definitely still their best. A spectacular effort. Odd that you chose the third Iron Man. I still think the first one is the strongest. Also, you are missing the best of them all: Spider-man 2…

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    • Glad you agree about X-Men 2! Yeah I loved the first Iron Man but just totally had a thing for the third one. Oh I wasn’t a big fan of the Spider-Man films don’t like Tobey Maguire at all.


  3. Good list Caz, I definitely prefer Tim Burton’s first Batman film over any other but Nolan’s trilogy is superb. Not as big a fan of Iron Man 3 but it’s grown on me over subsequent views.

    X2, most definitely the best X-Men film!

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