Stand by Me (1986) Review


Gordie Lachance a writer is about to take us on an adventure back when he was 12 years old and the first time he saw a dead body.


I have had this film on Blu Ray in my collection for a very long time now but had not got round to actually watching the film. I decided to change that and watch it on the 30th Anniversary of its release, thanks to my Posteritty calendar which was key dates in film on it! I had obviously heard a lot about the film being one of the best not only from the 80s but the best coming of age dramas about.

Gordie along with his friends Chris, Teddy and Vern all decide to head off on an adventure to see a dead body. Along the way the friendship is tested as each of them have personal issues to deal with as well. Helping each other along the way, as well as constantly fighting. All four of the main characters were carried by brilliant performances from the young actors and I am sure that is a big thing in why this film is still such a big hit and held in high regard.

Showing that the friends you have as a child really could be so much better than the friends you will have when you are an adult. Because let’s face it when you don’t have adventures and events what is a friendship actually built on? I thought that was a rather impressive aspect of the story telling and allowing you to think back to your own childhood and what you used to get up to with friends. Although this is massively aimed at boys and being in a “gang” everyone can still think of some crazy stories when at that age.

Each of the boys had a pressure to deal with Gordie was trying to come to terms with the death of his older brother and then his father not paying any attention to him at all. Chris is well accused of doing everything wrong imaginable and convinced he will be trapped in the small town forever. Teddy’s father is not around anymore after beating and that has had a massive impact on his life in so many ways. Vern well he was the fat one in the group and put across as rather pathetic. All together though they create a well balanced group bringing out the best and sometimes worst in each other with the ideas. The train track bridge scene certainly has to be mentioned!

While having to worry about personal problems and what it will actually be like to see a dead body they must also watch out for some older boys who have the same aim to find the body and get the credit for it. This again shows something that everyone goes through in childhood as the older groups try to tell you what to do all of the time and rule over everything. So I can now fully understand why so much hype still surrounds this film as it really fits everything together so well in summing up parts of your childhood and how friendships will always mean so much even if that person does not continue to be in your life anymore.

13 thoughts on “Stand by Me (1986) Review

    • I’m really pleased I eventually made the effort as well. I should challenge myself to watch a Blu Ray/dvd that I have and not seen the film, and mix it in with watching Netflix or Amazon!

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      • I feel that. I have a pretty substantial stack of DVDs and Blu-Rays I still haven’t seen, plus films I have scene but want to rewatch (for both pleasure and analysis), and then there’s all the unseen gems I get from the library on Turner Classic Movies. So many movies.

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          • Definitely not…I have a pile of those unwatched ones too. Just like the pile of unread books. One day…one day 😉
            Believe it or not…”Stand by Me” is one of those although I recall seeing bits of it when it came out.


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