Suicide Squad (2016) Review


Super Villains are about to be used to fight for good, can they resist being bad?


The hype surrounding this film has been massive. Especially after Batman V Superman as DC continue to try and build the universe, the biggest problem with that though has to be it isn’t really fitting together very well as we are bombarded with so many new characters. Without enough backstory this makes it rather difficult to keep track of everything.

I was still pretty excited for this and went in hopeful more than anything. Parts of it were decent and enjoyable but other parts were messy. When being introduced the squad the backstories were a little bit rushed. Leaving you wanting to know more. The expectation to see Jared Leto’s take on The Joker was very high from myself especially after the clips from Comic Con as he looked a mix between Heath Ledger and Jack Nicholson. But in the actual film he did not quite offer anything extra or special. He does spend a lot of time off screen through. We do get plenty on the love story between Joker and Harley Quinn which I actually quite liked as really did show that bad guys can be happy as well. Isn’t it about time we had more female characters in these films?

That brings me to another talking point Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn was certainly used in a more sexualised way a piece of meat if you will considering what she was wearing (or not wearing) for most of the film. Especially the changing scene, I hope Wonder Woman is going to be different to that (please DC). I thought her performance was good though as she was totally off the wall and took on the crazy very well. I also enjoyed Will Smith as Deadshot and thought he was very impressive from start to finish. Build up a good relationship with Harley and some good exchanges.

Storyline wise it was pretty crazy really as they had to be brought together to fight against an evil witch the empress who has lived for thousands of years taking on a host body to try and well take over the world. Which was never going to be an easy task, so all the bad guys are brought together as they are expendable. If they succeed fantastic if not no loss in them dying for the cause. Can a group of notorious criminals really become a team and help one another? That was an interesting thing to watch unfold.

Strangely the characters are rather likeable which doesn’t really make a lot of sense considering they are bad guys. Maybe that whole charm thing does work? I do like that Deadshot and El Diablo seem to want to change and are resentful for past crimes. The first for his daughter and the second because of what his gift/power did to his family.

I must mention well actually rave about the soundtrack it was impressive and fit in very well with the scenes. Containing mainly my favourite genre of music with the classic rock feel to it all!

I have tried to still be positive well for the most part in this review. But that is pretty difficult considering that it’s a rather messy journey from start to finish. I would certainly say that it is better than what Batman V Superman gave us but with similarities as well, in terms of the story telling which is really the most important part. All we can do is hope that Wonder Woman is going to give us something different as if it follows suit will anyone actually want to see Justice League?

14 thoughts on “Suicide Squad (2016) Review

  1. I like your positive view with this; I tried to stay positive too in my review. I definitely enjoyed the movie/was very entertained. The more I let it marinate post-viewing, the more issues I had with it.

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  2. I like the film it starts out fine and it is not taking seriously itself which was fine than it got too serious and fell apart. Thant is too bad hopefully the second one is better.

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  3. Hi Caz how are you? Sorry for the lack of comments but I’ve been so busy with life and my new job. For me SS was interesting, I’m sort of split about it, just like BvS haha. I thought there were some cool moments and most of them came from the acting and character interactions. Deadshot, Harley and Amanda were the best parts of the film mainly due to the great performances from Will Smith, Margot Robbie and Viola Davis. Smith really brought it and this was his best performance for years (besides the underrated Concussion). I liked this version of Harley but thought she wasn’t as fun as the cartoon and the choice of uniform felt sexualized for the sake of the eyes of men.

    I just disliked the messy story, horrible villain, generic third-act (light show in the sky again?), how not everyone on the SS was relevant and got pushed to the background, and the distracting music, after a while it got annoying.

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    • Congratulations of the new job! Hope it is going very well 🙂

      Yeah I agree with the top performers in the film, and your right about Concussion that was such a good and important sports film. I haven’t read any of the comics, so don’t have anything to compare Harley too, but I really wish that hadn’t gone down that sex route!

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