Leaving Sky Cinema in August!

Here at the films that you have the last chance to see on Sky Cinema this month! Catch them while you can (sorry it’s a few days late)

Sunday 7 August
The Waterboy – Comedy
East Of Eden – Drama & Romance

Monday 8 August
Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes – Sci-Fi & Horror

Tuesday 9 August
Father Of The Bride Part II – Family

Sky Cinema Upgrade

Thursday 11 August
Journey To Dinosaur Island – Family

Wednesday 12 August
The Nut Job – Family

Friday 14 August
The Bank Job – Crime & Thriller

Monday 17 August
As Above, So Below – Hits
The Eye – Sci-Fi & Horror
The Mask – Greats
Grand Piano – Crime & Thriller

Sky Cinema Upgrade

Wednesday 19 August
Crocodile Dundee In Los Angeles – Comedy

Thursday 20 August
The Cat From Outer Space – Disney

Monday 24 August
The Equalizer – Crime & Thriller
De@th on Live – Sci-Fi & Horror
Wolf – Drama & Romance

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Tuesday 25 August
Jayne Mansfield’s Car – Drama & Romance
Think Like A Man Too – Comedy

Wednesday 26 August
Playing It Cool – Comedy

Thursday 27 August
Jaws 3 – Action & Adventure

Movies Offers Links

Movies Offers Links

Saturday 29 August
Better Living Through Chemistry – Comedy
Falling Down – Crime & Thriller

Sunday 30 August
A Star Is Born (1954) – Drama & Romance
White Fang 2: The Myth Of The White Wolf – Disney

Monday 31 August
Annie (1982) – Family
Analyze That – Comedy
Johnny Guitar – Greats


2 thoughts on “Leaving Sky Cinema in August!

    • They’ve been having a new film each day on On Demand since changing to Sky Cinema. Not sure how long that’s going to last. Other than that the Premiere channel has 3-4 new films on from each Friday. But I do agree not many to quickly watch this month haha.


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