Before We Go (2014) Review


Two strangers spend the night in Manhattan together trying to fix their broken lives and helping each other so much more than they realise from that first moment they spoke to on another.


This film had just appeared on Netflix UK and I will admit I had never heard of it. Thought it sounded like my type of film and was interested as well as starring in it Chris Evans also directed the film. Not long into it I could not help but compare it to the Before trilogy in terms of pretty much just the two of them talking to each other. Trying to get out of the other what went so wrong in their past for them to be so bitter and angry that night.

Nick was supposed to be at a party and really does not want to go. He sees an opportunity when Brooke is desperate to get back to Boston that night, yet had her bag stolen and he offers to help her. They immediately get on with one another and even start with making jokes about the other person.

As the film and the night goes on we get to know the pair pretty well and it shows that life really is not that simple when we cannot forget the past or scared of what the future will hold. Brooke needs to get home to Boston before her husband returns, the mystery around all of this does make you wonder what exactly she was doing in New York or what she had done at home. Not going to spoil any of that though as it is her big build up.

Can Nick realise that he is denying himself more of a life by still being hung up about the girl he was in love with many years before and even thinks about skipping a big audition in his life to spend time with her. Can the pair actually convince each other they are worth so much more than they have settled for?

I have decided in recent times that I really do enjoy this time of film with very few characters that are very dialogue heavy, as they feel more real. When watching the Before trilogy in particular the first one I was thinking that type of thing really wouldn’t happen now. But this film offers a way that it could happen . . . When the battery dies on your phone. If that happens you will have to pay attention to everything around you! Hey maybe we should even have times leaving our phone somewhere, what could possibly happen in life then?

I say that from someone who is pretty attached to their phone for most of the day! I will also warn you though this film has a very open viewer can decide moment, which while I understand the point of them are still rather frustrating when watching!

Has anyone else given this film ago? As I certainly recommend it to see a different side and style to Chris Evans who had great chemistry with Alice Eve. It’s just been added onto Netflix UK so you don’t really have an excuse not to try it out!

6 thoughts on “Before We Go (2014) Review

  1. Wow…thanks for the great “tip”. I have just finished this film and thoroughly enjoyed it. I found it so realistic (as you said too – it could happen) and even positive (if that makes sense). I now see Chris Evans (both as an actor and director) in a way I never had before as I’ve never “gelled” with any of his roles (other than in Sunshine). I have a new-found appreciation of his work. So….Thank you! By the way…you mentioned the Before trilogy….you may just like “Forget Me Not” which is along the same lines but set in London and starring (in my opinion underrated actor) Tobias Menzies.

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