Thank You Les Mis!

Yesterday at around 5pm I went onto Twitter and had a lot of notifications. I was a little bit confused in all honesty as don’t usually get that many. When I realised what it was for I was rather shocked yet ecstatic at the same time.


The brilliant amazing thing that happened was the Official Les Misérables twitter feed had only went and put my review on! Pretty exciting stuff and was extremely chuffed about it, as you can imagine that saw a massive boom in my stats!


Even more so when almost an hour later it appeared on the Facebook page as well. In that time as you can see it got a lot of likes, comments and shares. Not quite all of those people clicked on the review, but pleased to get people talking and it was very nice to see at least a quote from my review on the posts!


As you can see it made the review in about 7 hours have 791 views, a number I hardly ever reach in a normal day! Usually average around 300 views. So hence my excitement and posting about it, I am certainly seeing it as a claim to fame.

Massive thank you Les Mis Twitter and Facebook!


6 thoughts on “Thank You Les Mis!

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      1. It took me until 2012 to get some kind of Les Mis experience, which was through the movie. The next year, my community college put on a phenomenal production of it.

        But nothing prepared me for the sheer brilliance of the Queen’s production. I saw it last year there and just by hearing the first couple of notes, I just knew it was going to be more then I ever dreamed it to be

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