No Escape (2015) Review


After moving to South East Asia for work Jack Dwyer has put his family at risk when they find themselves in the middle of a coup. This does not bode well for the American family as all foreigners are being executed in the streets and buildings attacked.


I missed seeing this one at the cinema and it was a totally different film to what I thought from the trailer. I actually thought it was a disaster film, no idea where I got that from. Anyway it is a little bit different watching Owen Wilson in a rather serious film as it has been a long time since he deviated away from the comedy genre.

Using a cast of unknown actors and Pierce Brosnan who’s character is very random and reappears just when you expect him to, you begin to wonder and think oh we haven’t seen him for a while and he pops up again. Something that in all honesty didn’t make a massive amount of sense.

The family must stick together to survive and we are put through a strange throwing scenes from one building to another and plenty of moments of hiding when in reality they probably wouldn’t have lasted five minutes. That is the beauty of film though as our main characters somehow defy all of the odds.

It does however manage to create such a tense experience as they do battle to survive with the first thought of trying to get to the American embassy which obviously seems like the logical thing to do. But surely that is one of the places the rebels would have already bombed? There’s not a lot of point using logic or really thinking when watching a film like this though.

I have only seen Lake Bell in a couple of films as a supporting role and I think she does well in this film alongside Wilson, who are both believable as the scared parents. Showing that you really do whatever it takes to protect your children when you really have to! Some of the things they end up doing you certainly would not expect them to be capable of, certainly highlighting the flight or fight mode. So I guess parts like that were pretty interesting but on the whole I wouldn’t really recommend that you rush to watch this one as doesn’t really offer anything new to the action/thriller genre.

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