The Tamarind Seed (1974) Review


During a Caribbean holiday to get over a mistake in her life British civil servant Judith Farrow finds herself falling in love with a Russian agent Feodor Sverdlov as well as her motivates being questioned after an affair turned bad.


Judith Farrow is trying to get over the affair she had with married captain Richard Paterson by taking a holiday, little did she know it would actually make her life even more complicated. As meeting Sverdlov is big interest with her government and considering the man she had her affair with they are massively concerned about the information she could pass over to the Russians, or even worse that will recruit her as a Russian Spy!

It was great to see the chemistry between Julie Andrews and Omar Sharif in this film and in all honesty I hadn’t even heard of it before I bought it. What happened was I watched Funny Girl and fell in love with Sharif just a little bit so decided to search for some of his other films. So pleased I did though as when I saw he was in one with Andrews I jumped at the chance to see it. I really do think I need to watch more of Julie Andrews older films and really see her range as an actresses. Throughly enjoyed her performance in the film and as it was little different to how I have seen her before.

With the story it does even trick the viewer as we are very uncertain to how it will end, if he really does love her and if she will make the right choice or is too much blinded by love. Even when it got to the ending I was very unsure which way it was going to end up, something I thought was a very good aspect of the film.

If you like a good old fashioned love story then I certainly think that this for you and you will enjoy it a lot. Who doesn’t like Julie Andrews? So well worth seeing her performance as well. Oh did I mentioned how easy it is to fall in love with Omar Sharif as well? This was the perfect film choice for me at the time, isn’t groundbreaking but certainly enjoyable with some twists and turns to keep you engaged from start to finish. Maybe just showing that each love affair you are involved in will help you learn something, good and bad.

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