Why is gender still such an issue in film?


The new Ghostbusters has been causing a stir since it was announced let alone actually released at the cinema. This week has seen previews and the build up to the official release date. I didn’t realise in all honesty that the original Ghostbusters had such a crazy fan base. Don’t get be wrong I love those films they are funny and were a little bit different loved watching them as a kid, but as a young girl where was my role model? A woman who needed constantly saving? Not the best message to send out, this has got me thinking and inspired this blog post to have a look at how far female characters have come in the film world and why this latest bashing is absolutely ridiculous.


First off is the original Ghostbusters really such a groundbreaking and outstanding film? Not at all, is it enjoyable, fun and crazy? Yes, of course it is. Isn’t that one of the most important things when you are watching a film, if you find it enjoyable? I certainly think so especially when you go to the cinema.


This photo has been doing the rounds on Twitter of young girls dressed as Ghostbusters and looking extremely excited to meet Kristen Wiig. I personally think it is great that girls know you really can be anything you want. I am not saying you couldn’t be a Ghostbuster before but it was certainly frowned upon. I grew up in the 90s and was very much known as a tom boy. I loved playing football and doing “boy” things and wasn’t very often seen as a girl. I think times have shifted with that and it is very pleasing. Surely my love for football wasn’t a bad thing considering I work in football now, but I also enjoy getting dressed up and going out exchanging my sports wear for that.


Growing up in the 90s meant that I also wanted to be a Power Ranger. Showing a more girly side with that I wanted to be the Pink Power Ranger had the water gun and everything. So surely that was a great thing when you consider everything else about it is aimed at boys? Well, pretty much, so I don’t understand why something like Power Rangers (making a big film comeback next year) didn’t have a bigger impact. Out of the six we had two female characters that had to be something. Other than this I don’t really understand what has been going wrong?

Films mainly pushed more towards girls have to be the whole Disney Princess thing and while that is nice, a lot of girls are now into Superheroes and that is another genre which hasn’t really pushed anything until the last year or two.

With Marvel we have the Black Widow who has been given more screen time in certain films but not quite given her own outing (yet). I am hopeful we will get more of a back story as she is certainly a very kick ass character. From DC we eventually have Wonder Woman who we got a glimpse of in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and we have her very own film coming out in 2017. Something I am very much looking forward to, it’s about time we have more role models that aren’t Princesses.


Back to another mention of the Disney Princesses and Frozen in particular, remember the above story about a dad who tweeted the photo of his son who wanted to be Elsa for Halloween? Well, that just shows we really can be whoever we want to be and he wanted to be Elsa and that was certainly great!


Another big role model I had growing up had to be Chyna in the wrestling she crossed that line and used to fight with the men. Another plus of the 90s/early 00s, so with a few breakthroughs I really don’t understand why film has either taken so long to catch up or why people find it absurd to have more interesting female characters. Women can be funny and kick ass at the same time you know!

Come on in recent years we have had Katniss Everdeen owning the screen and really having such a great performance from Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games series which was fantastic to see. Who can forget we have Rey who is breaking the barriers as we look set to have our very first female Jedi. Women can be Jedi’s now as well, that is the most groundbreaking step for a female character!

I also would have thought with a lot of talk and research going into gender dysphoria or gender identity disorder that this type of thing really wouldn’t be an issue anymore at all. Why should people be told they are not allowed to be or do something because of the gender they are? I think it is just totally crazy. I hope the world of film continues in the very forward steps they are making for young girls and boys today letting them know they really can be any character they want to be!

Anyone else actually see a problem with female roles? 

16 thoughts on “Why is gender still such an issue in film?

  1. Great post Caz! I agree wholeheartedly. Unfortunately it’s a man world and I think it always will be. I’m glad women are getting stronger, funnier roles in movies though, long may it continue! We enjoy being crude too!!! Haha.

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  2. Great post!! Remember Xena, the warrior Princess? I loved that show back in the 90s with Luct Lawless. She was definitely a badass.

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    • OMG yes I loved that too! I always thought she was similar to Chyna. If only I remembered about her before writing this blog post!


  3. If the message was that anyone can be anything then they should have just had a mixed team with men and women working alongside each other without gender needing to be mentioned at all. They shouldn’t have made it a gender issue by making all the women intelligent and competent and all the men antagonistically jerky or just incompetently stupid.

    More so than a message of “anyone can be a hero”, the message was girl power, girls can do anything and they will never need a man’s help. The message for little boys is that all men are stupid or jerks who stand in women’s way. Every male character was either a moron or an a-hole. The original should have been a mixed team too but at least that one treated it’s female characters with some dignity.

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    • Thanks for your comments. I can understand your point about the characters, ended up too far the other day. A mix of male and female would have certainly taken away any doubt.


  4. Nice post. I like how positive it is in the direction things are going. hopefully we get to the point soon where someone like Rey isn’t looked at as a “strong female lead” but just as a strong lead. I like the fact that the movie itself doesn’t make any sort of a big deal about her gender, she is just a character that the story revolves around, and that’s what we need more of.

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    • Yeah totally we need it to be just seen as a lead rather than adding the female part in! Going in the right direction that’s for sure.


  5. Great post and I completely agree! I just don’t understand why people don’t like female roles. I know it’s not the perfect solution but surely these bros would like watching more lovely ladies in their films. Then there’s the good benefit of it just making better characters for the people with brains. Female led movies make a lot of money as well! Surely it’s a win win?

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