Now You See Me 2 (2016) Review


A whole year has passed since the Horsemen outwitted the FBI and now they must resurface and work together to stop Walter Mabry a tech genius who wants to use their abilities for his gain.

The plot is just as tricky as some of the “magic” shown throughout the film as it swings, twists and turns all different ways. I obviously cannot mention too much about it as don’t want to spoil anything about the film. I thought it was clever for the narrative (obviously by Morgan Freeman) starting and finishing the film was a massive positive especially with talk of the eye. As isn’t that what fools you when watching magic? The tricks they manage to pull on the eyes.

The cast is very strong and I thought Mark Ruffalo having an even bigger part in this one was a big plus. Along with Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson and Dave Franco have formed a great team from the first and now into the second film. We had a new female horseman in Lizzy Caplan as Lulu and I have to admit she was my least favourite, her performance was very over the top and not a likeable character at all. Maybe she was at a disadvantage of being the new person to come into it all.

Walter Mabry had faked his own death but to the horseman’s surprise he is alive and well. Ready to blackmail them to get back a stick that can change everything in computing terms as well as the privacy of every person in the world. As far fetched as that sounds it does help to set everything in motion for another trick.

That has to be another positive thing about the film that even watching you are never really sure if it is “real” or they are pulling off a trick. The line between the two scenarios is very blurred, which makes us the viewers in the end feel like some of the characters who weren’t in on it.

The problem with the film had to be that while certain aspects of the plot did work and the story hurried along, too much at times made it a little difficult. With some characters like Thaddeus Bradley we struggle to know if we are coming or going. Nothing is like it first seems? I just feel while parts work other parts were too much and hard to piece together and that left me wondering if it all really did make sense at the end. It was left very open and ready for a third film, anyone know if that is already in the works? (Having checked IMDb it is but without plot or cast). I am guessing it will wait to see the box office takings for this film.

If you enjoyed or even liked the first film I think you should give this part a watch as well. I will admit that some parts were hilarious whether they were meant to be or not I am unsure. Daniel Radcliffe was rather awkward in his role, but maybe that is what they were trying to do with a young man trying to use his father to get what he wants? I am trying to give him the benefit of the doubt but as we will always see him as Harry Potter to have him in a role not doing magic is just funny anyway!

Will the Horsemen succeed again?


12 thoughts on “Now You See Me 2 (2016) Review

  1. Enjoyed the first one mainly due to it’s originality and strong cast. I tend to avoid sequels as they are very rarely as good as the originals. Sounds like Hollywood making as much money as possible from this franchise whilst at the same time being devoid of original ideas. Maybe I’m being too cynical!

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    • I totally understand what you mean! It certainly sets it all up for another film, but I imagine the plot would be even more messed up for that one.


    • I think your right about Radcliffe he does come across very awkward. I watched a part of the first one on Film4 the other week, should have watched it all as I couldn’t remember a massive amount either!


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