Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie (2016) Review


Edina and Patsy are still trying to live the high life with plenty of boozing and partying, but is old age starting to catch them up? Everything will work itself out when Edina becomes PR for Kate Moss right?


The plot is pretty much shown to everyone in the trailer as Eddie accidentally knocks Kate Moss into the water, so that is the start of the events which lead the whole world to hate her. Something she really struggles to deal with, after many searches it is assumed that Moss is dead.

Eddie and Patsy must then come up with a plan for a new life and really stick together. Parts of the film are hilarious with many famous faces popping up for cameos and small moments. Parts of the film are also ridiculous and the way the plot goes in the final third of the film was totally crazy and not what I imagined happening at all.

Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley really slip back into the characters with ease and really don’t look any different to when they originally played them. (You can catch up and watch all the episodes on UK Netflix). I do feel like I should have refreshed my memory with them more before seeing the film, as it was quite a while ago I used to watch the TV series and I had never watched all of it.

I have to admit that I thought it was very strange to suddenly have a film from the TV show but after seeing how busy the cinema was last night and then the screening I was in was very full, it seems the film still does have a massive audience. In particular a female audience, mainly the over 40 range. You know the age range that don’t often attend the cinema, think Fifty Shades and Sex and the City. Selling drinks in a special cart in the foyer. I honestly didn’t think the film would be in that audience kind of mould.

The plus side of seeing a comedy at the cinema is to listen to the different times that people are laughing. Then either agreeing with the collective laughter or wondering what you were missing with that part. I have to admit that Lumley as Patsy got the biggest laughs in the screening I was in. Not forgetting the many cameos coming in second to that as people were surprised at who was next on screen. I think that it felt very much like a more female based version of Zoolander in terms of being based around the fashion world.

I have heard early rumours that a sequel is slated and that was before the release yesterday, which I am sure will happen as I imagine the UK Box Office at least is going to be huge for this one! I am not really sure how it will do world wide? Is it a very popular series out in the US? If any of my American readers could fill me in on that it would be fantastic.

7 thoughts on “Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie (2016) Review

  1. I live in the US, and I definitely watched and LOVED this series in the ’90s. I’m really hoping to enjoy the movie! I kind of feel like there’s no way I won’t enjoy it though 🙂


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