Funny Girl (1968) Review


The rise and fall of star Fanny Brice a comedienne and entertainer in early 1900’s. Based on the Broadway musical with Streisand taking on the lead role in her first feature film.

Fanny Brice has dreams and nothing is going to get in her way of becoming a Broadway star. No matter what anyone says about her skinny legs and unstraight nose. She has a fantastic rise and we get to witness it from the start of the film, as well as a good look into her relationship with Nick Arnstein.

This was the first time I had ever seen this film which I know is totally shocking considering my absolute love of musicals. One thing I did know though was ‘Don’t Rain on my Parade’ which is an incredible musical theatre song! Streisand is mesmerising and perfect playing the star, she owns the screen each and every time she is on it giving a truly incredible performance. I must therefore also mention the fantastic performance from Omar Sharif as Nick and the chemistry between the pair was great, no surprise to then read that they had a real life affair while filming! I honestly did not realise how gorgeous he was!

The relationship between Fanny and Nick becomes the centre piece of the film as we must see how the love they share can also destroy them. As Fanny’s star keeps rising and everything goes well and right for her. Nick starts losing big time with his gambling and every choice he makes seems to backfire and turn out to be a very bad idea. This was always going to put a strain on the marriage, he could not handle being he main earner and the abuse he had to then deal with.

The film has some fantastic songs and really does tug at the heartstrings. I was not expecting to be almost crying at the end, but it was not very happy times. Well not fully happy times, everything did not work out the way Fanny had wanted but she still had some happiness in her ever rising and popular star.

This is certainly a film that I will be watching again in the future. I have certainly watched it at a great time as a UK tour has just been announced for 2017 and I now have no reason not to go and see it!

Full deserved to be nominated for so many Oscars and throughly enjoyable, got to love an older musical that offers so much in terms of songs, story and performances. I can now understand why Streisand has such a huge fan base and so many great things said about her as a performer, she totally blew me away in this film!

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