The Fundamentals of Caring (2016) Review


Ben is struggling with life and after becoming a carer for a disabled teenager his outlook on life is about to change, as he bonds with Trevor.


A Netflix original film and in all honesty one of the first that I have decided to watch, I really have enjoyed Paul Rudd a lot in recent years (Even though I still see him as Mike from Friends, certainly tv series just do that to you). I think his career has progressed in such a good way.

Trevor has muscular dystrophy and he only leaves the house to go to the park on a Thursday afternoon, he will only eat the same food and spends his day watching TV. He has a map though with a list of different places and things he would like to visit. We do get to understand that his mother is very protective and won’t really let him do anything, this is where Ben is about to make a big difference.

After a disagreement Trevor manages to put pressure on his mother to allow him to go on a road trip with Ben to see the different sights on his map. This is a great adventure for the pair and the whole film has plenty of funny moments when you need them most. It doesn’t allow the characters to feel sorry for themselves too long. Especially Ben who is still struggling to come to terms with events which happened in his past.

The pair needed each other to realise that they can live and it can be a good ride at the same time. While on the road trip they come across a young woman who wants to get away from home, as well as a pregnant woman who join them on the trip. I really was quite surprised with how good I found this film. Really making sure you think about exactly what you do with your life and how you could make it better, why not get out there and see everything you have ever dreamed of?

The only slight problem I had towards the start of the film was that Trevor and his mother sounded more Australian than British, but that got better as it went on with Trevor quite strange though considering Craig Roberts is from Wales. His performance was very good though engaging and heartfelt. Having very good chemistry with Rudd who really does get better with each film you see him in, he has a good approach to comedy and really makes it work in such a great way.

I massively would recommend this film on Netflix and you really cannot miss it with it being advertised as soon as you switch it on, I just hope that a lot of people give it a try as it has a lot to offer and a very good addition to the Comedy/Drama genre.

4 thoughts on “The Fundamentals of Caring (2016) Review

  1. I checked this movie out the other day. It was fine. I found myself feeling like each sad circumstance presented in the movie was only there to try to pull emotion from the viewer or something. But it was enjoyable enough.

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