Trailer: Suicide Squad

I don’t know where I have been for the past two months, as that is the date on the trailer on YouTube. But I have seen it twice in the past week on the big screen and the mixture of action with the very messed up and strange version of “You Don’t Own Me” has helped me find new excitement about this film!

Brilliant trailer.

Let’s hope the film doesn’t let us down!

4 thoughts on “Trailer: Suicide Squad

  1. Hi there! Cool thoughts on this trailer yo, I’ve been excited for this film since the Comic-Con footage leaked last summer and I want to be good so badly! However I do have to say that I preferred the “Bohemian Rhapsody” trailer just because it was a lot more chaotic and the scenes were well-cut to the music. Plus I’m really tired of that “You Don’t Own Me” song, it’s been overplayed at my workplace to the point where I just hate it haha.

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