Independence Day: Resurgence (2016) Review


The first Independence Day invasion happened twenty years ago, has everything been forgotten and rebuilt? The defence in space is going to be put to the ultimate test when Earth faces another invasion and uprising from the aliens they captured.


I probably should have made a massive effort to watch the original Independence Day before heading to the cinema to check out this film, as in all honesty I cannot really remember that much about it as it was many many years ago the last time I watched it.

Anyway this film is well pretty pointless in the end, or even at the start as well? That was my main verdict after sitting through the two hours of film. Even the special affects could not save it as we have seen it all before with the main landmarks being destroyed and aren’t we just a little bit bored of that now?

That wasn’t the worst thing though. The worst thing was trying to have a couple of stories with characters who we should care about, when we actually are not that bothered at all. Dylan Hillard yes son of Steven Hiller (Will Smith’s character) who has since died and everyone worships everything about Dylan for that very reason. He also must deal with well I’m guessing his former best friend Jake Morrison.

See that is a big plot hole as we only get tiny parts of a story which must have a lot more too it than we were actually told. Not that the film would have been saved with any of that information, as I am sure it would have pushed the running time up even more. Such a shame as I really do think Liam Hemsworth has a lot to offer, but wasn’t used in the best way in this film.

Considering the timeline of the film with twenty years later is the actual time between the two films as well, surely that is way too long for a sequel?

Another thing with a film like this is that you expect its going to be a good cinema experience with the noise and things happening but I don’t think that was special enough to really have it all make an impact. Although we got to see quite a few more aliens and a crazy space ship. That was not enough, and your left wanting and waiting for more which is how I ended up thinking pointless. As well as that I want to also add disappointing and that seems to be the general thoughts from people who have been to see this one.

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