The Boss (2016) Review


Michelle Darnell had an awful upbringing and saw family is no option in life. Therefore launching herself as a business woman and making a lot of money in the process, until she is sent to prison for insider trading. How will she bounce back on release?


Ok so I fell for the new Melissa McCarthy film after throughly enjoying Spy last year, totally forgetting that for every good and funny film she makes about 10 bad ones to balance it out. This is the latter and I am very disappointed in myself for going to see it.

Within the first five minutes I released the mistake I had made and that I was not going to enjoy anything about this film. That first impression was proven to be correct and I am still left shaking my head wondering just why a film as bad as this makes it for a cinema release.

The trailer did make it look rather funny as well which I think adds to the disappointment overall. Damn those comedy trailers which make you so unsure to how the film is going to end up. McCarthy brings yet another awful unlikeable character to a film and I think that is the first thing that went wrong, and when it is all based on that character nothing was ever going to go right after that.

Peter Dinklage makes some very strange choices as well, why does he actually need to put his name to something like this? We’ve seen Game of Thrones we all know he is so much better than this film! As can be said for everyone else in it to be perfectly honest and I am not the biggest fan of Kristen Bell.

But I guess a film about a woman then using a group of girls to get herself back into business was never going to end well, especially with the crass and pathetic attempted jokes. We have seen too many of those type of things in comedy films and it has grown very tired.

I didn’t find myself laughing at any part of it. The attempted rude jokes and crass nature just did not result in laughter. Even adding in random slap stick moments of falling down didn’t get any reaction either. Needlessly thrown into the film for laughs which do not come. I don’t think the husband directing and wife starring in is working for the pair anymore.

Quite possible the worst film I have seen in 2016 so far!

7 thoughts on “The Boss (2016) Review

  1. As for The Boss, I had heard some bad things about it but what really gets me is why people keep making movies about totally unlikable people. Even in a redemption movie, there has to be something about the character for people to connect and relate to in order for them to become invested in what happens to the person.

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    • Yeah exactly! The main character has to have at least one quality that is likeable and has the audience rooting for them! This has nothing at all, in my opinion.


  2. Completely agree with you, terrible film! Comedy trailers are probably the second most unreliable thing on earth, behind printers. I laughed so much at the Zoolander 2 trailers and that really didn’t pan out…

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    • I didn’t get round to seeing that so doesn’t sound like a bad thing. Comedy trailers can be so strange as I didn’t think much of the one for The Other Guys and massively enjoyed the film!

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