The Nice Guys (2016) Review


Two private eyes with very different styles end up working together to find out the truth about deaths all linked together over a newly made porn film in the 1970s.

The film is set in Los Angeles in 1977 and I really wasn’t expecting it be so good. I totally underestimated it from the trailers and found myself massively enjoying the film. With many different types of comedy mixed in with the crime and action scenes. Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling were fantastic together.

Considering the pair must enter the seedy world of pornography that certainly does make for some very funny moments and scenes. Which happens a lot more than I first expected, along with showing that neither of them are the best detectives as they try very hard to crack the case. I certainly did not expect the film to unfold in the way it did, obviously cannot spoil it but this one certainly does a lot of things different. That is in a very good way though as it makes the film rather unique in that sense.

It took me about two weeks to eventually see this film that shows the trailers did not encourage me to see it. So please don’t let that put you off if you are having any doubts about seeing this one. I was very pleasantly surprised and thought it was just fantastic fun.

Gosling and Crowe really do have such a great match up and bounce off each other so very well, and very unexpected might I add. There’s something about both of them and to have all of that charm and charisma on stage at the same time is pretty impressive.

Within the story the relationship between Holland and his daughter Holly creates plenty more moments as she attempts to help her father and Jackson crack the case and locate the supposed destroyed film. When they realise that another copy exists, as the people involved keep dwindling down. Who is really behind it all?

They certainly end up totally involved in the situation and that in turn puts their lives at risk as they get closer and closer to knowing the truth and working it all out. They also must be careful as that then sends more trouble towards them.

As this finished in all honesty I would take another outing from the pair, that is how much I enjoyed this film. Got to love it when that happens when you aren’t really expecting to like something! Certainly a favourite of 2016 so far!

17 thoughts on “The Nice Guys (2016) Review

  1. Great to see you loved it! I actually loved the trailers as well as the film. Have you seen Shane Black’s Kiss Kiss Bang Bang? Definitely recommend that if you’ve not seen it. Similar premise and comedy but a lot more of a noir feel to it.

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  2. Really enjoyed this film from the sharp and witty dialogue to the fine performances from Ryan Gosling, Russell Crowe and Angourie Rice, who played the young daughter. Soundtrack and production excellent giving the film a real feel for the 1970s. The trailer and the movie’s title I felt, sold the film short, so if you hadn’t seen the director’s “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” it may have passed by a lot of people. I have recommended it to a few of my friends and they have never heard of it! Still, it’s doing pretty well at the UK box office. Hope you get to see KKBB, which I thought was slightly better. Great review – yours not mine!

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  3. Cool review yo, I really wanted to love this film and I adored the trailers for this but I feel like some of the best momens of this film, especially with the humour were ruined in the trailers. So when I saw the film they didn’t have nearly as much of an impact. That being said the film was incredibly stylish, well-acted and was a lot of fun. Though I wanted it to be a little more in line with Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, now that film, damn, such an underrated gem. 😀

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