7 Best Film Fathers

As it is Father’s Day I thought I would pick my 7 favourite film dads! Very tough to actually just settle on the 7 in the end.

Peter, Michael and Jack – Three Men and a Baby & Three Men and a Little Lady


I’ve had to mention both of the films and all three of the dads! As let’s face it these three are just fantastic. I still love these films now, especially Little Lady as I was the same age as the girl when I first saw it. I mean just look at the rap they put together!

Atticus Finch – To Kill a Mockingbird


Trying to teach his young children about courage and prejudice, a role model father does not get any better than Atticus! He really is an inspiration even if they don’t realise it to begin with.

Michael Sullivan – Road to Perdition


A man who has to deal with the brutal murder of his wife and youngest son does everything in his power to keep his oldest son not only alive but away from the same life that he has.

Marlin – Finding Nemo


Come on he swims the full length of the ocean to find his son Nemo! We have to have Marlin in a list like this one!

Daniel Hillard – Mrs Doubtfire


He wants to see his children so much he disguises himself as an old British woman. While that may also sound a bit psycho that is not the way it goes in this film and he really is such a great father!

Man – The Road


Another father who battles to keep his son alive in a post apocalyptic world. I have only ever seen this film once but parts of it are stuck in your mind it really is that powerful.

Ted Kramer – Kramer vs. Kramer


If you aren’t crying by the end of this one you must have a heart of stone. Ted really struggles to come to terms with raising his son on his own after his wife left him and must therefore find out what type of father he is. Making the food and general care didn’t come easy but they certainly made it work. Truly heartbreaking ending for the pair!


Who are your favourite film dads? 


13 thoughts on “7 Best Film Fathers

      • It is in color. Made in the early 1950s, and a teen Elizabeth Taylor is in the cast, too. It was first a hit Broadway play before the movie version was made, which were based on writings by Clarence Day Jr. on his family’s life with his father, circa 1890’s in NYC. Irene Dunne is the wife, Jimmy Lydon and Martin Milner are the two oldest sons, I can’t recall the child actors who play the younger 2 sons. Zasu Pitts is a visiting cousin from OH, and she brings Liz along with her on a visit to the Big Apple. Edmund Gwenn is the family’s minister, as a large part of the plot is finding out Father hasn’t been baptized. It’s a very funny film.

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