Me Before You (2016) Review


Will Traynor had it all until an awful accident left him paralysed from the neck down. Louisa Clark has just lost her job and must find something else quickly to help her parents pay the bills, that is when she meets Will . . .

Lou takes the job of being a carer to Will and it is not something she finds to be easy to begin with. Will has given up on any form of life and is not very responsive towards her. This made her job a massive chore and she did not look forward to spending day after day trying to get Will to talk to her.

It was perfectly understandable that Will had given up on having any kind of life when the worst part of his day was just waking up to be reminded that he was no longer the same person. The person who enjoyed doing sports and living life to the fullest. The thing with this type of film is that it makes you wonder what you would do in that situation.

Lou is not particularly happy with the way her life was going but still tried to face each day with a smile. After being let go from the small Cafe she had worked at for six years she was unsure of what to do next and surviving with her boyfriend Patrick who is much more interested in fitness and running than anything else.

We always knew some kind of love was going to develop between the pair and it was done in a pretty good way as well. Not some instant love at first sight thing, but gradual after they got to know each other. The thing is though Will had a six month plan and Lou has come towards the end of it. But she gives his parents, particularly his mother hope. In return Will gives her hope, hope that her life can be so much more than she has settled for.

He wants her to live the way he used to.

Ok so we all know going into this film that it is going to be sad and tearjerker is a term linked very closely too it. That is not wrong at all, I managed to hold it together for quite a while but the beach scene totally destroyed me and once I started crying I could not stop. It was so heartbreaking in so many different ways (which I cannot really talk about) but please be prepared.

Some of the worst moments with crying has to be when they are nice to each other and tell a little joke. I thought that made it seem more real in terms of that is how relationships and conversations work at times. As you’re watching though those moments just make you cry more.

The thing with this film is that the subject matter was not what I expected and really is thought provoking. Which gives it a little bit more edge, not saying that was a bad thing. The performances from the cast were good, making it seem real all set in England. It was good to see Emilia Clarke in this type of role. I could not help but compare Sam Claflin to Hugh Grant with his accent in this film. (The way he would say Clark totally made me think of Jones in Bridget Jones from Grant). Maybe Claflin will be the next British romantic lead?


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