Sense and Sensibility (1995) Review


Two sisters trying to find love face a much harder task when they are left poor after the death of their father, due to inheritance rules and those being his second family. Everything must be left to his eldest son.

We see plenty of heartwarming as well as heartbreaking moments in a story that was written by Jane Austen is what we would call very different times. But when you watch a film like this about relationships and family you realise that some things will always be the same. If nothing else it has to give you hope no matter what is going on in your life.

Marriage seems to be the most important thing in this world that we watch unfold. Elinor is the older practical sister and Marianne is younger and truly believes in romance. Their youngest sister Margaret is often told not to talk so much and to tell strangers their business.

It has a truly wonderful and British cast which really highlights the talent and great to see what a lot of the cast members went on to do after staring in this Oscar nominated film. Emma Thompson delivers a flawless performance in the film and she adapted the book into the screenplay. Worked very well on screen with Kate Winslet who in one of her early roles really showed great promise. I will admit that I was very much looking forward to seeing Alan Rickman in this one and he was very charming it was fantastic to see. Hugh Grant took on another of the main male roles, even though he did not seem to have the biggest amount of screen time he was awkward and also charming (I think he has done well with that for a lot of his roles).

The thing with the story is that even though you can begin to guess and see what is going to happen next that did not matter as the manner in which the scenes were delivered really made it something else. Not being able to trust certain characters or getting a bad feeling about them was quite thing, yes Willoughby I am talking about you! I did not take a shine to him at all and rightly so. That was a pretty horrible moment when you eventually find out what he did.

The differences in time periods is mainly shown with the money aspect, does it really matter now if someone is rich? Do we all seem to struggle through life scrapping by now and has the whole rich and upper class thing actually disappeared with less well off? I guess that is a high possibility.

Overall in a story which may seem like it will be boring it has too many different things going on to ever actually feel that. I think that could be the reason why it has taken me so long to catch up with this film. But it is now another watched as part of the Best Film Project. A very likeable film with good in depth characters played by some fantastic actors, what more is not to like? It keeps the drama high and the romance at the right level to go along with it. Cannot complain about much to do with this one in all honesty.

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