Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016) Review


Alice is about to return to Wonderland but things have changed and not for the better. As she must attempt to save the Mad Hatter who is going through a very difficult time.

Alice has been out at sea on her fathers boat as Captain but on her return it is all not as plan sailing as being out at sea. As she must deal with the choices she made in the past, but things begin to make more sense to her when she returns to Wonderland as she certainly feels like she fits in better.

The Hatter is fading away as he finds something to suggest this his family are actually still alive and did not die when he originally thought they did. Alice is the only one who can attempt to save him, as the others happily told her. She was not in the past therefore the only one who can go back and try to change things.

This means she must find Time himself and ask him for the power to travel back to help Hatter. The problem is though he even tells her to begin with that you cannot change the past but you certainly might learn from it. I thought that was a pretty powerful approach in all honesty as we all have something that we might want to change and that should be a wake up call to realise that you cannot change what you have already done but you can make sure you don’t repeat it.

As she travels back and realises that different moments if they did not happen would have really changed everything. But obviously they cannot be changed, she does find out about Hatter’s family though and must then rush to actually find them.

I don’t remember massively being impressed with Alice in Wonderland but thought I would still give this a watch. The thing that I do actually like though is the crazy use of words and taking Lewis Carroll from the page to the screen. I like the way that they use this to the advantage of the film and it really makes you listen and think.

It does try too hard with the CGI and that makes it rather over the top at times. I still find the size of Helena Bonham Carter’s head as the red Queen absolutely hilarious, it certainly does make you smile each time you see her with another character. Are we now getting tired of Depp in the strange and over the top roles though as he has his second outing as the Mad Hatter? That is certainly a big possibility.

A bit of a nothing film at times as not a lot going on and then a crazy adventure. With an all right balance but it certainly isn’t anything special or something we have not seen before. It does try very hard at least we can give it that as a compliment!

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