Rear Window (1954) Review


A truly intense thriller as Jeff a photographer is confined in his apartment in a wheelchair due to a broken leg, he passes the time by spying on the people who live across from him …

It would only be a matter of time before he would start to suspect that someone was up to no good and he’s convinced that a man has murdered his wife due to some very strange and odd behaviour. But is he thinking clearly as he is stuck staring out of the window, or is his mind playing tricks on him?

That is what is totally brilliant about the film as the suspense is the same watching it all unfold and listening to the crazy theories as Jeff watches the people through binoculars and a camera. Will anyone actually believe him or will it be too late?

While watching this film I was massively engaged from start to finish and it made me think that it would not be possible to happen now. For someone to actually look up from a smart phone or tablet long enough to be able to accuse anyone of wrong doing! Certainly showing how times have changed. Which time would you feel safer in?

I enjoyed James Stewart and will admit that I haven’t seen anywhere near enough of his films. Pleased to tick this one off the list as such and I really do urge you to watch it if you have never seen it. Hitchcock showing that he really was the master of suspense and being able to build up scenes. It has just appeared on Netflix UK so you have no excuse not to watch it!

I honestly wasn’t expecting for a man to be “spying” and “watching” the people living across from him to be so enthralling and tense. But it certainly was just that I really will watch this again the future as thought it was truly fantastic and engaging film making. I really should look to watch more Hitchcock after being totally taken in by this film. It builds up the fear as we are unsure how it is going to unfold something which is truly breathtaking.

I am guessing the majority of people reading this review have already seen the film. If so I urge you to then watch it again. Honestly though I still cannot work out just how the suspense is made to be so strong and fantastic in what probably sounds like a very mundane story! Certainly not something that would happen in this day and age, an important look back at how people used to be in times gone by!

8 thoughts on “Rear Window (1954) Review

  1. I’ve been thinking about buying a box set of Hitchcock films for some time. I saw “Vertigo” (also starring James Stewart) at the cinema earlier this year and loved it. That plus your excellent review of “Rear Window” will spur me into action!


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