Grease Live! (2016) Review


This was broadcast live at the start of the year in the US. Quite possibly one of the most well known musicals?

The in-thing in recent years has been for TV to have a musical on live, this is the second one the US has done after The Sound of Music. The UK followed with also doing The Sound of Music between Christmas and New Year, which I thought was a truly dreadful attempt in all honesty. This has recently appeared on UK Netflix and I thought I would give it a watch. Firstly I have to say I was massively impressed with the efforts behind this for Grease and think everyone involved did I fantastic job with it!

We all know the story of Danny and Sandy the lovers who met over the summer but everything is then changed as she moves to the school. Danny turns out to not be the sweet guy she totally fell for in the summer as he tries to show off in front of his friends the T-Birds. Trying to fit in she quickly becomes friends with Frenchie who attempts to get her in with the Pink Ladies.

Aaron Tveit who has been in plenty of Broadway shows will not be phased by appearing in a live show and was a very good Danny Zuko. I thought he delivered in both the acting and singing, you may recognise him from the big screen outing for Les Mis! Let’s hope we get to see him in some more on screen musicals soon.

Julianne Hough has been in a few films over the past few years which have often involved singing and dancing. After a little bit of research I did not realise that she has a massive background as a dancer so that makes perfect sense. I thought she was a great choice to take on the role of Sandy.

When I started watching I thought I really recognise that actress who is Rizzo. But I had to look it up as I really couldn’t place who it was, yeah that’s right it was Vanessa Hudgens and she did well in that role as well. Showing that she still wants to try and get away from her good girl Disney image!

I thought the placement of the audience in different scenes right near the action was a brilliant touch and it all just worked out really well with the song and dance numbers really sounding and looking good. Everyone in the cast looked like they were having a great time and it must be even more nerve-wracking than appearing on stage with the way they had to change through the sets.

If you are a musical fan I really do think this is well worth the watch on Netflix. The only thing I hope these Live on TV musical shows might do is encourage more people to go and experience it all for real at the Theatre. Especially younger people, I don’t feel as though enough people from my generation and younger take advantage of seeing live acting, singing and dancing at the Theatre. So if this makes even a handful of people attend the theatre then it certainly will have served a purpose!

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