Wicked (West End) Review



Elphaba – Emma Hatton
Glinda – Savannah Stevenson
Fiyero – Kane Oliver Parry
Madame Horrible – Liza Sadovy
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz – Mark Curry
Ness arose – Katie Rowley Jones
Bow – Daniel Hope
Doctor Dillamond – Sean Kearns

Venue: Apollo Victoria Theatre

Date: Saturday 23rd April 2016 (2:30pm)

For the eighth time now I have been to defy gravity and I will admit that I now know I will never ever get bored of seeing Wicked live on stage. It really is a musical that has a little bit of everything and you cannot help but to get lost in it all. The good thing about seeing it in the West End every so often is the cast changes so I have now seen another Elphaba in Emma Hatton and she was fantastic.


This was the third time I have now seen Savannah Stevenson as Glinda and I certainly think she is my favourite in that role, she just brings so much to it from start to finish and I really do think she is the best I have seen (so far) well worth getting to see her in action!

The more you see a show and listen to the music the more you appreciate different songs at different times. The Wizard is a character that has certainly grown on me and I really do love Wonderful, it gets better each time I see it performed. It’s his big moment even though we already know how much he has lied, but that is the way he has been perceived by well everyone in Oz.

A strange thing that excited me had to be eventually being able to buy a flying monkey! I thought I had missed my chance when they seemed to stop selling them so for my 8th time seeing Wicked, including Broadway, on Tour and in the West End I eventually got the one thing I have always wanted in Wicked Merchandise terms! I also got a new hoodie with Defy Gravity written across it. No honestly I don’t have an obsession with Wicked! I promise.


While it was not on the agenda to see this show I know what I am going to get and that I am going to like it, which sometimes you probably need with a show. Actually I should have said love it, just shows as well though that you can just go to the Theatre on the morning and get a ticket. Front row as well might I add! Not bad really considering the price of some of the seats is still £125. My only problem was that something seemed to be a little bit off with the sound every now and then, pretty sure Fiyero missed his cue at one point. I guess it’s the little things like that you notice when you have seen something so many times.

Honestly though if you still have not seen Wicked on stage you really really have to, it is certainly one if not the best musical to come out in the past decade. A little bit of everything from love, to friendship and not being afraid of being different. Oh and pink goes good with green!

6 thoughts on “Wicked (West End) Review

  1. I’ve seen “Wicked” on tour (U.S.) twice and it’s one of my favorites. Glad to got to see an amazing cast. I’m hoping it will be made into a film, but at this point I don’t think it will be done this year like people said it would be.

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