Eye in the Sky (2015) Review


A truly suspenseful film which looks at the implications of modern warfare.

This film turned out to be different to how I expected from the trailers, but that is not a bad thing at all. I actually really enjoyed it and found it massively engaging, especially when you think it did not really have a massive amount to it.

We have three main areas that we are watching and how the decisions of a few people will affect the whole area they are watching with most wanted terrorists. Pulling the trigger and making these decisions from the comfort of an office/chair thousands of miles away. Which I guess is a very scary thought, that you can have so much power. But with the film at times it shows that people don’t want the responsibility as we have to deal with them asking “above” them.

Contact between the British and American to make sure these terrorists do not get away. I am guessing that the audience will be split between people who want him to take the shot quickly and those who don’t want him to take the shot. As a girl is going about her day selling bread and just so happens to be right in the danger zone for the shot to be fired at the house!

I was amazed that it was that engaging, but also felt sad at times watching Alan Rickman’s final film role. Was nice to see them put a tribute at the end in loving memory. He still had a great moment with buying a doll, which may seem out of place but it just helped to show that these people had lives as well as making these horrible decisions.

Helen Mirren was as brilliant as ever as Colonel Katherine Powell and really would stop at nothing to get the terrorists, she seemed to have a special hatred for the British woman who had been converted and married into it all. Really wanted to make sure she was killed and no longer a problem. Aaron Paul still trying to do something good since Breaking Bad finishes, I am starting to wonder if he is actually any good of an actor? As his big screen outings are rather disappointing in all honesty.

It struggles with the moral applications of possibly killing innocent people, but having to decide if that will be less than the suicide bombers will then kill if they let them go. Not something you would ever want to have to decide on is it!

So I would actually recommend this film as it is slightly different to others about war and how people deal with it. One of the better films I have seen so far in 2016.

7 thoughts on “Eye in the Sky (2015) Review

  1. You liked it more than I did. I felt manipulated and pushed to conclusions that I prefer to come to by myself. And I love Rickman, but I don’t think this is one of his best roles. He does get the best line in the movie. Oh well. It’s just me. Everyone else seems to love this.

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  2. Didn’t know what to expect prior to seeing this one but as it turned out I think that it will probably be one of my favourite films of the year. Exceptionally well made it puts you right into the heart of the action and grips you from beginning to end. The acting is excellent and in particular from Barkhad Abdi who gives another fine performance as he did in Captain Phillips. Everybody in the cinema enjoyed the film and speaking to two ladies after the screening they gave special mention to Alan Rickman’s performance. I also liked the way the film portrayed the human side of those involved. Highly recommended.

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