The Huntsman: Winter’s War (2016) Review


Two evil sisters attempting to conquer the land we get the story before Snow White came along which saw Freya becoming the Ice Queen. This is a prequel and then sequel all mixed as one linking in with Snow White and the Huntsman.

I will admit that I was rather apprehensive about seeing this film as not a massive fan of prequels, but with it having some pre and post Snow White I thought it actually worked very well. Also to delve deeper into finding out more about Eric and his background, how he was taken as a young boy by the Ice Queen and raised as a Huntsman in a place where love was punishable by death.

We know by now that an evil woman tends to have once been normal but because of a man she has since went crazy and that is the way this film goes as well with Freya. After having her heartbroken and everything taken away from her she responds by becoming the Ice Queen. I will warn you now though that this Ice Queen will not be breaking out into song with no ‘Let It Go’ in sight!

Emily Blunt was truly fantastic as Freya the Ice Queen and I really did look forward to her scenes as she stole everyone she was in. Will anything melt her heart and change her opinion on love? Well you will have to watch to find out. Ravenna is back as well at different times with some of it being a little strange but as Charlize Theron as great as the Evil Queen I will allow it.

At times when on the adventure with Eric and his estranged wife Sara along with four dwarves it felt like we had returned to Middle Earth as Goblins also come into one of the scenes. That was another positive in my opinion as I do like an adventure in a make believe place and anything in a forest has the potential for surprises and something a little bit different.

We are kept with some light hearted moments as well with some comedy to break up the action. Something that did annoy me in the film though was how Chris Hemsworth’s accent kept changing and was stronger at different times then disappeared and it was back again. But another observation about him is that he is totally gorgeous which takes your mind off the accent at times.

Jessica Chasten was a welcomed addition as Sara and really gave us a kick ass character who we are constantly unsure as to whether we can trust her or not. Something that does give the story an extra edge. But I guess the same can be said about all of the characters each has something they want, what will they do to get it?

I certainly think this is one of the better 2016 films I have seen (so far) even better thinking that when you aren’t expecting to like a film at all. So why not give it a chance as I don’t think you’ll find many other films with such a good mix! Along with some very good actors, Emily Blunt scene stealer I just had to get that in again!

10 thoughts on “The Huntsman: Winter’s War (2016) Review

    • Yeah I think sometimes that is the best way to head into a film at times. I wasn’t really bothered either but went with a friend and was pleasantly surprised.


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