Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) Review


When worlds collide Superman and Batman are put against each other in order to fight for what they believe in, as this is going on Lex Luthor sees it as an opportunity to start an up rising.

After my failed attempt to attend the midnight screening for the release of the film I eventually got to see it earlier today. I didn’t actually read any reviews before seeing it just saw the negative scores and some tweets about the film. I wasn’t expecting much in the build up to the film in all honesty as let’s face it Man of Steel was very poor and this is a sequel to that one.


I find that to be the best word to describe the film and use it as a starting point for this review. I will try to be as constructive as possible! I thought the beginning of the film was massively slow and parts of it we could have done without. Bruce Wayne’s parents were killed we already know that, we’ve seen it many times before so that was something I really don’t think we needed to see as part of this film. We get references that he has been Batman for 20 years, yet it doesn’t appear that way in the reaction to “The Bat” surely Metropolis would have been aware of events in Gotham City?

Superman has some problems going on as well with someone trying to set him up and be seen as responsible for many deaths instead of saving people. Lois Lane obviously a key factor in this and it keeps us guessing who was setting it up, ok maybe it was only one person. These events see Batman and Superman start to face off against each other. The problem though is that it takes forever to eventually get the fight scene.

Batman versus Superman the fight was actually very impressive and easily my favourite part of the whole film. It was special seeing the two superheroes go at it and wondering what Batman could do to beat an alien like Superman. He has a trick or two up his sleeve, can’t spoil it though.

Wonder Woman. Now this could have been a brilliant addition of they had kept the character quiet. But appearing in the trailer and being on the posters, although I will admit that I forgot about her and didn’t put two and two together for one of the characters I think I was too busy trying to understand what exactly was going on.

From the trailer I was not impressed with Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, I just thought it sounded terrible and he has long hair? But I will admit that I was terribly wrong about him from the trailer as it turned out I thought it was the best performance in the film as a very deranged and psychotic Lex Luthor!

Too many small things make the film a little bit confusing and hard to follow. We are thrown so many new and different characters at different times and it was hard to keep up who was who, some I know were just small previews for future films but I don’t think we actually needed to see them in this film.

Bruce Wayne is showing signs of being older which could have been a great thing but wasn’t nailed in the film. Affleck was ok in the role, more so when in the suit/mask in my opinion. We understand a little bit why he is even more angry than usual, Jeremy Irons was a pretty awful Alfred so we will have to hope he improves as the films go on.

Clark Kent is struggling with how people are starting to turn on his alter-ego of Superman, I still don’t understand how no-one actually realises he is Superman. Anyway this film doesn’t do anything to make me warm towards the character and I rather enjoyed seeing Batman beat him up at times.

I don’t think the film is as bad as people have been making out in all honesty but I can’t really say it is good to watch. With too many characters and forcing more than we really needed. It doesn’t actually focus enough on how Batman and Superman have ended up crossing each other something which would have helped the disjointed nature of the film as a whole.

We did get more of Wonder Woman than I expected and we got a rather funny moment about who she was with. I wish they had a little bit more “banter” in it with the characters like the Marvel films have really gone for instead of keeping the massively serious nature of the film. It’s a shame the film was not better as it really did have a chance to be a real start to the DC Universe!

8 thoughts on “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) Review

  1. You were kinder to it than I was. I just found it disappointing. Your word “Disjointed” is about right. I tried to write a short review but it turned into a 1000 word rant. Unlike you, I liked Affleck and Irons but hated Eisenberg. You are spot on about the need for more banter. The one funny moment when Wonder Woman arrives that you allude to is spoilt by its presence in the trailer. Keeping Wonder Woman under wraps is a great idea but I doubt they could have done it, Talia al Ghu was the worst kept secret in The Dark Knight Rises.

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    • I was trying not to rant about it and had left it a few hours before writing my review. That’s interesting that you hate Eisenberg, he managed to win me over as I wasn’t impressed with him in the trailer. Yeah your right about that moment spoilt in the trailer, I think they should stop having a few different ones and have them more as a tease now instead.

      I will head over to read your review!


  2. Some fair points in your review Caz, BvS isn’t going to enthrall everyone and there are niggles but I couldn’t help but become giddy about Batman and Superman on the big screen together!

    You’re totally right about the trailers, that Wonder Woman moment was great but would’ve been even better had they not put it in the trailers. But I’m definitely sold on her solo film coming next summer!

    Eisenberg was the one I was most apprehensive about when he was cast but thankfully he was great.

    Thanks for checkiing out my review 🙂

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  3. Interesting review Caz. I honestly it’s reviews like yours that I look forward to reading when it comes to this film. Talk about devicise. BvS for me was part good part bad. I’m hella surprised you didn’t like Batfleck, but more surprised you liked Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. Now I will admit that he actually had moments of being menacing and crafty, but damn he was just as cooky and annoying as I’d feared. I personally loved Batfleck and want my solo Batman film, liked Wonder Woman and some of the action sequences too. My main issues with the film was its incoherency, lack of character motivation, Batman’s dream sequences, Lois Lane and set up for future DCEU films which felt shoehorned rather than natural.

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    • After I wrote the review couldn’t believe I missed out commenting on all of the dream sequences. I think maybe this film has been rushed to then get to the Justice League in a crazy attempt to match Marvel!

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