Allegiant (2016) Review


After the events of Insurgent Tris and Four must decide where their future lies. The only option they see is eventually climbing over the wall to see what is on the other side, leaving Chicago behind for the very first time.

Sometimes though the thing you want is not all it seems as they make their way across the waste land with red rain which looks like blood. One thing I have to mention about this part is that it does look visually great, the former world had been destroyed a long time ago and has a red/pink look to it. Eventually getting to see what was over the wall was an experience for the audience as well. We had only ever seen inside the walls.

The problem with this series though is that it isn’t massively engaging or indeed memorable, I could not really remember what happened in the previous instalment before going to see this one. Also even more annoyed to find out they have done the split the final book into two films rubbish so we have to endure yet another film to find out how it all ends. You know what after sitting through this one I am really not that bothered at all.

It has a rather talented young cast who are not used in the best ways in all honesty and we are just taken through the scenes with lack of emotions. The attempted love story between Tris and Four just seems more forced and awkward than it has done before, not that it was ever anything special. In this one they just seemed to kiss whenever they saw each other and keeping information away from the other as well.

Jeff Daniels was a pretty interesting addition to the film as David, who seems to be in charge of everything happening in Chicago as he is the Director in the Bureau they are now placed. A very strange entrance into it to “get rid of the toxins” but that was obviously not what they were told it was. These scenes and the place certainly reminded me of another poor series in The Maze Runner. But that’s all I will say in comparison or this review will turn into something totally different!

It’s too obvious that David is not telling the truth but Tris was too stupid to actually realise this and takes everything he says as gospel until it is really well too late and she has to save the day yet again. Another series I must mention is The Hunger Games, Tris is not on any sort of level with Katniss. She is not really likeable and we don’t find ourselves supporting her we are just watching and hoping it is going to end soon.

I cannot imagine the box office for this one being very good? As surely with each film it is losing viewers. I remember finding the first one ok and a little bit different but then the same formula seems to follow and surely it’s all going to be the same again in the final film? Such a shame really when we have a talented cast put together, just a shame the material they were working with was so poor.

I think we may just see the end in the next couple of years of films like this, not that all of them get past the first film though! (City of Bones/The Giver) Too much of the same thing just doesn’t work and I cannot really advise you to rush to the cinema to see this one . . .

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