London Has Fallen (2016) Review


Mike Banning is back in action as he accompanies the President to London to attend the funeral of the British Prime Minister. Everything is not as it first seems . . .

In all honesty I could not really remember a massive amount about Olympus Has Fallen although reading the review I actually quite enjoyed it. Which I guess surprised me as I wasn’t massively looking forward to seeing this film, it just looked like it was going to be a standard action film.

The thing is that part I was right about it was just an action film that had plenty (maybe too many gun shots throughout). I do like Butler and Eckhart and they work very well playing off each other. If you needed anyone to be your bodyguard in a situation where world leaders were being killed one by one then Banning is certainly your man!

The biggest problem has to be the plot as it is nothing new in terms of terrorists and we have seen it many times before in other films. The key person being in a total different country thousands of miles away. But I will admit that parts of it are pretty scary in terms of having them dress as the Met Police and all of the incredible landmarks exploding. Especially with some world events which have occurred in the past and even recently, yes I am aware it is a film but somethings are difficult to watch.

It does attempt to shock with a twist and a mole within the British government but I thought it was very easy to spot who it was, that could have really been much more edge of the seat with more people looking suspicious.

If you enjoy action films with plenty of explosions, gun fights, car chases, helicopter scenes and more then this will certainly be the perfect film for you. Unfortunately for me it just was lacking and missing quite a few things. With that being said it is still not the worst film in this genre I have seen, I am not advising that you rush out to see it at the cinema though either.

The CGI scenes are very fake and could have been put together in a much better way. As I mentioned earlier though Butler and Eckhart really do make the film work along with Freeman (although very underused). The actors really do make a great effort in the characters you can tell they enjoy playing. So I think this film is a little bit hit miss in terms of the plot not being massively strong but then the leading actors putting in good performances.

16 thoughts on “London Has Fallen (2016) Review

  1. I agree with what you said about the terrorist attacks. I was slightly stunned by it. Seeing London in pieces was jarring (particularly for a Brit). The rest of the movie was pretty average.

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  2. This isn’t a film I plan on seeing, but I’m glad it was somewhat enjoyable since most sequels are terrible. I watched “Olympus Has Fallen” on Netflix and thought it was pretty good, so when I watched the trailer for “London Has Fallen” I thought it was not going to live up to the first movie.

    I am a HUGE Gerard Butler fan and enjoy watching almost any film he’s in that holds my interest, but this is one I am going to skip mailed because I don’t think it will be that great. However, it is interesting to hear about movies that deal with actual events, or at least close enough to it. Terrorism is scary to hear about and watching it, film or not, opens people’s eyes.

    Great review!

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    • Thanks! It’s interesting that you thought Olympus Has Fallen was pretty good as well. I couldn’t remember a lot about it from my cinema viewing but reading that review it appears I enjoyed it. Yeah this one was probably not needed in all honesty, probably best to wait for it to appear on Netflix instead 🙂


      • That’s what I do with most films. I don’t go to the movie theater unless I really want to see a new film. I just pre-oredered “The Force Awakens” because I didn’t want to see it in theaters (too crowded and no subtitles).

        Also, are you going to, or have you seen “The Choice?” The trailer seemed to give away the movie and I’m still reading the book.

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        • I have kinda fallen out of love with Nicholas Sparks films, Best of Me was truly awful and pathetic for me after the average The Lucky One. So I’m undecided whether to see it at the cinema or not.


          • All I can say is the casting, with the exception of Tom Welling, looks terrible. The male lead looks older than he is and the female is a redhead in the book. I might wait to see if it comes on Netflix. “The Notebook” was the best Nicholas Sparks movie and I think it set high standards since it’s release.


          • Loved that book! I felt like “The Best of Me” was a mix between “The Notebook” and “Message in a Bottle.” The movie didn’t follow the novel and even while reading it, the ending was predictable. “Best of Me” was not Sparks’ best work.


          • I really hated the film with a passion, the ending was pathetic. I enjoyed Dear John the book had me in tears but the film was pretty awful as well.


          • Yeah I finished reading the book and went to see the film the following day. It’s so sad they feel the need to change so many things about a book when it works so well.


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