7 Worst Film Mothers

As it is Mother’s Day (in the UK at least) I decided that I would then pick my 7 worst film mothers. You certainly would not want any of these to be your mother as they certainly did not help their children have, but some of them might just redeem themselves in the end?

Kate – Home Alone


Leaving your son behind when heading on holiday is a pretty awful thing to do. Kevin had an amazing time being home all alone after his whole family jetted off for Christmas without him. We will give it to Kate that she had a feeling something was wrong, but not checking you have all your children was a very bad move. I guess airports have changed a lot since the early 90s and they wouldn’t get that far to this day. We will give her points for doing everything she can to then get back to Kevin as soon as possible.

Violet and Mattie Fae – August: Osage County


I have to name a double from this film Violet and Mattie Fae are sisters who had an awful up bringing themselves that then transferred into raising their own children. Violet with her three daughters who she constantly puts down and verbally abuses. Mattie Fae is just as bad with her son constantly being horrible to him. Certainly not a family you would like to be part of, bare in mind it all kicks off after a funeral.

Mary  – Precious


Very easily the worst on the list and quite possible the worst of all time? Allowing her daughter to be sexually abused by her own father (and having two children), verbally abusing her because of jealously. It really is an awful watch, a film I have only seen once and will not watch again in all honesty. What type of mother would allow her own daughter to have such a shocking existence?

Aurora – Terms of Endearment


May not always seem bad but Aurora constantly clashes with her daughter not agreeing on any of her choices in life. The main one being her choice of husband who she really does just hate. She did not approve of the marriage and this drove the pair apart, but when it all falls apart a chance is created for them to get on again, so I guess this one just made this list due to the fact that she ignored her daughter instead of staying properly in her life. Everything is brought together in the end even with the somewhat tragic events.

Stepmother – Cinderella


Who better than to take on the evil Stepmother role than Cate Blanchett? Yes I cannot think of anyone else either. We all know this character but in this version of the film Blanchett really does deliver a truly evil woman who would be the worst nightmare to have as a mother considering she does not care about anyone but herself.

Doris – Postcards from the Edge


When Suzanne almost kills herself due to substance abuse she must move back in with her mother Doris as her guardian. The problem is most of her problems stem from her mother. They are both actresses and therefore totally clash constantly, she blames her mother for how she acts and how she treats her still like a baby. Not really fantastic if your pushed towards drugs due to your upbringing.

Bernice – Then She Found Me


April is having the worst time of her life, splitting up from her husband followed by her adoptive mother dying and then her biological mother showing up with crazy claims. So for Bernice to suddenly come into her daughters life when she is almost 40 years old really is not being a fantastic mother. Especially as she does not seem to help her out very well at all.


Who are your choices for worst film mother? 

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