7 Best Film Mothers

As it is Mother’s Day (in the UK at least) I decided that I would then pick my 7 favourite film mothers who are the best mothers!

Molly Weasley – Harry Potter Series


What better way to start off the list than with Molly Weasley played so fantastically by Julie Walters ever present in the series and a brilliant mother to all of her children. As well as taking it upon herself to then look after Harry. Her best moment coming when stepping up to fight against Bellatrix in the finale. Certainly someone you would love to have as your mother, always looking out for you and a standard knitted sweater for Christmas!

Maria – The Sound of Music


Starting out as a governess and then becoming the step-mother to all seven of the Von Trapp children. Well deserving a place on the list, helping you not be scared in a thunderstorm by singing about your favourite things? Also when Liesel likes calling her mother for the first time and they share a fantastic moment, really showing she would be perfect in raising the children.

Jackie (Isabel) – Stepmom


A rather heartbreaking film, actually maybe that should be shattering! This one doesn’t just make you cry but sob as a mother has to say goodbye to her children whilst also letting the new stepmother know everything about them. I have to also mention Isabel the Stepmom as she never really wanted it all but started to find ways to win the children over. A difficult viewing but so lovely that they became friends before it was too late all whilst thinking about the children and how they will be able to cope with the loss of Jackie.

Donna Sheridan – Mamma Mia!


Everything Donna has ever done since having her daughter Sophie, using the power of Abba and the songs ‘Slipping Through My Fingers’ really helps describe a relationship between a mother and her daughter so perfectly and done with great emotion from Streep. Also making it clear that she has raised her, not wanting to reveal who her father is which causes some problems when it comes to the wedding!

M’Lynn – Steel Magnolias 


Another mother who would do anything and everything for her daughter, this time it even involved a transplant and surgery to give Shelby more time. They may have arguments at times especially when Shelby announces she is pregnant considering her condition and not being strong enough you just know how much M’Lynn loves her and wants her to be happy. Amazing performance from Field who shows the love even more in a breakdown scene!

Sybil Stone – The Family Stone


This film is mainly about a mother clashing with her son’s fiancé who she is meeting for the first time. They just totally clash but as things are revealed with the family she really is shown to be a fantastic mother who just totally cares about each of her children so much it then influences her rationality when anything is said against them.

Mrs Gump – Forrest Gump


Another mother who lives for her child this time her son, who has a mental problem. Momma as she is affectionally called by Forrest, and told him plenty of things about life and the world. She did everything to protect him and made sure he realised that he could do anything he wanted and never to let anyone tell him any different. It certainly worked as Forrest had a great life. It seems as though Sally Field is a perfect pick for a film mother!


Who are your favourite film mothers?

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