12 Angry Men (1957) Review


A jury must decide the verdict on the murder a young man has been charged with, does all of the evidence add up to send this person to their death?

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Ghostbusters (2016) Trailer

Well considering everyone has been going pretty crazy over this trailer for the up and coming Ghostbusters reboot I thought I would join in!

I actually think the trailer makes it look much better than I expected, I love the original Ghostbusters and really looking forward to seeing which direction they head in with this film. I have been a bit of a fan of Kristen Wiig since Bridesmaids and followed her other films quite closely since then, so I think she is a good choice for this film. Along with Melissa McCarthy who massively surprised me with Spy last year!

What do you think? 

7 Worst Film Mothers

As it is Mother’s Day (in the UK at least) I decided that I would then pick my 7 worst film mothers. You certainly would not want any of these to be your mother as they certainly did not help their children have, but some of them might just redeem themselves in the end?

Kate – Home Alone


Leaving your son behind when heading on holiday is a pretty awful thing to do. Kevin had an amazing time being home all alone after his whole family jetted off for Christmas without him. We will give it to Kate that she had a feeling something was wrong, but not checking you have all your children was a very bad move. I guess airports have changed a lot since the early 90s and they wouldn’t get that far to this day. We will give her points for doing everything she can to then get back to Kevin as soon as possible.

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7 Best Film Mothers

As it is Mother’s Day (in the UK at least) I decided that I would then pick my 7 favourite film mothers who are the best mothers!

Molly Weasley – Harry Potter Series


What better way to start off the list than with Molly Weasley played so fantastically by Julie Walters ever present in the series and a brilliant mother to all of her children. As well as taking it upon herself to then look after Harry. Her best moment coming when stepping up to fight against Bellatrix in the finale. Certainly someone you would love to have as your mother, always looking out for you and a standard knitted sweater for Christmas!

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