Hail, Caesar! (2016) Review


Eddie Mannix is a Hollywood fixer for Capitol Pictures in the 1950’s we join him on a crazy day trying to keep everything running smoothly.

The film is a little bit strange at times and has some very odd scenes that don’t seem to actually fit in place with the rest of the story. That is certainly something we have to expect from the Coen brothers as they do push the boundaries, which gives a very interesting film.

Josh Brolin is in the leading role as Eddie Mannix and I must admit I was very impressed with him in this film. I have struggled with some of his recent performances so it was good  to see him back on track!

I do enjoy films about making films and Hollywood theres something so engaging about them. Especially when they poke fun at different aspects of it all. As Eddie Mannix is debating with himself whether or not he still enjoys being in the industry, he must deal with the biggest star Baird Whitlock going missing (being abducted) while they still try to complete the biggest picture of the time Hail, Caesar!

George Clooney really is the prefect choice for Baird Whitlock and really does put in a fantastic performance, let’s hope it isn’t true that he is going to quit acting. He really does have that big movie star pull totally perfect. I will admit though that I found myself swooning over his legs, he is in the Roman outfit for the entire film! It was in a good way distracting haha.

One of my favourite moments came from Channing Tatum dressed as a sailor in a song and dance moment which really was a throw back to the old musicals. Something which I wish I had not seen a clip of on a TV show earlier this week as it really was such a fantastic moment.

Some of the scenes and characters don’t directly link to the main story line but I think this is to really show just how much he has to deal with during a day. Be it the main actor leaving, an actor being switched genres and struggling to deal with it. This allows us to have a couple of hilarious moments with Ralph Fiennes just a shame we didn’t get more of him.

I did enjoy the film more than I first expected, worth giving it a chance as it does have some very interesting and different moments. I am giving Brolin a lot of credit for his leading role and think the supporting cast were very good as well, if not underused though specifically Fiennes and Swinton. It certainly has a lot of style, some amusing moments and it really took me by surprise!

9 thoughts on “Hail, Caesar! (2016) Review

  1. I liked this one well enough also.. my guest that I took to the screening though,..really didn’t. and when he explained that it just had to many innuendo’s for him to follow not being in the industry and that middle america probably wouldn’t get it either..once I thought about it, I understood he might have a point. Ah well.. how are you doing at ‘our’ new years resolution so far of posting & reading others posts as well.. I’m doing so – so..I think better at reading others..not as good yet at posting..not anywhere near as good as you are on that one!! 😀

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