Oscars 2016: Live Blog!

Keep checking back for my live thoughts on the host, presenters and winners of each award! I am confident of staying awake this year!!!


  • Less than two hours until show time!
  • Red Carpet – Jacob Tremblay seems to be the star so far with plenty of images on twitter as well as videos! Not forgetting he is trending world wide, I feel he was robbed not even getting a nomination for Room!
  • Sky Movies Coverage – Pretty impressed with the preview and build up mixed in with clips from the Red Carpet. Especially with the little clips from past Oscar winners talking about how it feels to win!
  • Red Carpet: Kate and Leo!

The┬áCeremony – Opening

  • Opening segment showing all different types of films from the previous year not just the nominees. Plenty of good action sequences as well as comedy and romance to mix in with the drama.
  • Chris Rock – it took him about 30 seconds to mention white people. The reason he is wearing a white jacket? I think he is quite possibly the best choice with all of the controversy surrounding this years awards. Absolutely loving his digs at Jada Pinkett Smith fantastic as she was pathetic about the whole thing, Will Smith was nothing special in Concussion!┬áHe also went on to discuss male and female being separate and going for it!

The Ceremony – Awards

  • Emily Blunt and Charlize Theron are up presenting the first award . . . Best Original Screenplay Winner = Spotlight
  • Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe presenting . . . Best Adapting Screenplay Winner = The Big Short
  • Sam Smith singing The Writing’s on the Wall from Spectre. It certainly doesn’t get any better the more you hear it . . .
  • Best Supporting Actress Winner = Alicia Vikander for The Danish Girl


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