Oscars 2016 – Best Supporting Actress


The main problem for this category in my opinion is that two of the nominees (Mara and Vikander) weren’t actually in a supporting role and were actually leading roles. I am pretty sure a lot of people will agree on that especially if you have seen the performances.

Jennifer Jason Leigh – The Hateful Eight


She gets beaten up, cover in well pretty much anything and everything and manages to pull off a pretty impressive performance as the only female in the film. I enjoyed this film a lot more than expected and pleased it got recognised for at least one performance.

Rooney MaraCarol


As I mentioned earlier I think it’s wrong Mara is in as supporting considering she has as much screen time as Blanchett in Carol. But this has to be so they weren’t up against each other? As Mara puts in a very impressive performance as the young woman trying to deal with her feelings and understand the different turns her life has taken.

Rachel McAdamsSpotlight


A standout performance from a very well casted film, I think its great to see McAdams in this type of film. It really allows her to show that she really is a good actress and I am certainly pleased she has picked up the nomination for her work on Spotlight.
Alicia VikanderThe Danish Girl


Again it annoys me that this is supporting considering she has just as much screen time as Redmayne. Especially when the film is truly awful and boring from start to finish. Vikander was the only thing I thought deserved any credit from The Danish Girl but I certainly will not be happy if she picks up an Oscar for her efforts wasn’t even her best performance of 2015!
Kate Winslet – Steve Jobs

'Steve Jobs' film - 2015

If I didn’t already respect and like Winslet before watching this film, she gained even more from her performance up against Fassbender, in a fast paced dialogue driven film. Really holding her own and stealing scene after scene. A perfect supporting performance in my opinion and I am really rooting for Kate to pick up another Oscar!


Who I want to win: Kate Winslet

Who I think will win: Alicia Vikander (will annoy me a lot if it happens)

Outside chance: Rachel McAdams

Who do you think will win? 

13 thoughts on “Oscars 2016 – Best Supporting Actress

  1. For me the standout performance was Alicia Vikander but I agree with you she should have been in the leading actress category (as with Rooney Mara). Kate Winslet is also a favourite after winning the BAFTA. Very difficult to call.
    Like to win – Alicia Vikander (sorry!)
    Will win – Alicia Vikander (sorry again!)

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    • Haha that’s ok I don’t mind that’s your pick for the award. Just annoyed me with the whole supporting/leading thing which seems to happen more with the female category than the male.


    • Mara was rather haunting in Carol and I wouldn’t be too disappointed if she won. I just really don’t want Vikander for The Danish Girl as truly hated that film.


      • Just out of curiosity, what did you hate about the Danish Girl? While I did have some problems with the script, which lacked something (I can’t tell what it was) and wasn’t paced well, I thought the performances managed to rise above the flaws of the film.

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        • Mainly Redmayne in all honesty I have really grown to not be able to stand anything about him. Thought he was massively overrated in The Theory of Everything for his win last year. The Danish Girl just lacked real emotion for me as you said about the script, Vikander was the only good thing.


  2. I wanted to like The Danish Girl but I didn’t.Eddy Redmayne performance especially the emotional bits I have seen before and there is danger of the same character being In numerous films.Vikander played an amazing part however I understand the best actress,supporting actress bit, but Vikander deserved to be recognized for her amazing acting all be it in the wrong film.Her role in Testament of Youth was away better than this however with such great reviews why did that movie flop so badly taking only 29000usd in its first two weeks of its release in the USA.

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    • I really didn’t enjoy The Danish Girl at all, not a fan of Redmayne one bit as an actor or a person the way he comes across on talk shows is pathetic. Have you seen Ex Machina? As Vikander is amazing in that as well!


      • I saw ex machina right after Testament of Youth and really like the twist, but I have to say TOY is still my favorite.
        I listened to an interview with her talking about Ex Machina and she arrived in makeup at 3am sat in a chair with a tennis ball for a headrest went to sleep and woke up as a robot.Apparently not much green screen at all.
        I am sure there is a scandal behind the failure of TOY.Love to know the full story.


        • On another note I don’t think best or supporting actor is based on minutes on the screen.
          I think it is all agreed when contracts are signed . Oscar just follows the agreed pecking order.


          • It’s supposed to be on screen time but up to the studios and production companies where they push them (best chance of winning) like not having Rooney Mara up against co-star Cate Blanchett when they were both leading roles.


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