Oscars 2016 – Best Supporting Actor


This is usually a category which has a very clear run away winner I don’t actually think it is the same this year. Different actors seem to have been picking up the supporting award making it a little bit more interesting than previous years. I think I am pretty happy with all of the nominees as thought they all put in good performances.

Christian Bale – The Big Short


He does seem to be a very popular actor for nominations and I can understand why he received one for his performance in The Big Short. He was pretty exhausting to watch from start to finish and extremely engaging because of that. (Steve Carell not nominated though does raise some eyebrows).

Tom Hardy – The Revenant


He put a lot into this film opposite DiCaprio which I think helped them both with difficult parts of the film. You can even understand him when he’s talking in this one, yes a slight dig at some of his roles as he has had some difficult ones nice to see his hard work is paying off with the nomination.

Mark Ruffalo – Spotlight


He seems to have the most passionate character in the whole of Spotlight and it was always going to be the case that he was recognised for his efforts with that and rightly so. Ruffalo has made some good film choices over the past few years and really started to show that he is a very good actor.

Mark RylanceBridge of Spies


You may already know that I really loved this film I thought it had a little bit of everything you want in a thriller/drama and Rylance really was absolutely amazing. I was delighted to see he picked up a nomination for his performance as he massively deserved it, I would be very happy to see him pick up the Oscar only thing is he’s up against . . .

Sylvester StalloneCreed


Rocky Balboa is one of my all time favourite film characters. I think Stallone is just perfect in the role and he really broke my heart a few times while watching Creed. Yes it made me cry and I am not ashamed to admit it, I had heard early rumours about a possible nomination but in all honesty didn’t really believe it would happen. The film was great and Stallone so deserves all of the plaudits.

Who I want to win: Stallone (or Rylance)

Who I think will win: Stallone – it will make me very happy!

Outside chance: Ruffalo

Who do you think will win?

4 thoughts on “Oscars 2016 – Best Supporting Actor

  1. It’s hard to pick out a standout performance from Spotlight as they were all good. Didn’t see Creed so can’t really vote for SS.
    Want to win – Mark Rylance
    Will win – Mark Rylance

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  2. Like you, I really want Stallone to win, and he probably will win. If not him, probably Rylance, but I’m hoping that Stallone manages to pull off a win, if that happens that will definitely be the highlight of today’s Oscars.

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