Oscars 2016 – Best Actor


This year it seems as though only one actor has been nominated in a leading role the incredible Leonardo DiCaprio who looks to be getting ready to eventually get his very own Oscar. But four other men are nominated as well just incase you either forgot or didn’t actually know that more had been nominated! This category always leaves me disappointed as my favourite doesn’t often win . . .

Bryan Cranston – Trumbo


I did try a couple of times to get across to the independent cinema in Newcastle to catch this one as it did not get a mainstream release. I promise to catch up though and it did excite me that Walter White, I mean Cranston is nominated!

Matt DamonThe Martian


This really is an impressive performance from Damon and quite possibly a career best? Well I certainly think it could be, a very difficult task to carry a film when you have no-one else in your scenes ask Tom Hanks about Cast Away. Kinda like that but out in space as Damon must try to survive considering he won’t be rescued for years. I really did enjoy his performance and thought he managed to build the suspense and drama sides with comedy.

Leonardo DiCaprioThe Revenant


How many times have we heard about Leo not having an Oscar? Well loads of times and it is even subject to many gifs and internet jokes. But this is supposed to be his year, he has received awards from well pretty much every other awards. He is outstanding at times in this film and really puts in a great performance. I don’t think it is his best, but I think he does deserve to win the Oscar.

Michael Fassbender – Steve Jobs


This was one of my favourite films of 2015 and that was largely due to Fassbender being fantastic as Steve Jobs. He was so engaging from start to finish and I think any other year he would be so much closer to picking up the Oscar instead of just being nominated. I really think it was fantastic in showing how the brand most people love hello iPhone just managed to survive and then thrive was engaging. Yes I am massively team Apple typing from my iMac!

Eddie Redmayne – The Danish Girl


I still cannot quite believe that Redmayne managed to get nominated for this film. I will try not to rant on too much about it as really did not enjoy the film at all, thought it was very poorly put together. I am also not a fan of Redmayne and still struggling to believe he is an Oscar winner to begin with. So I think the less said about him the better!


Who I want to win: Leonardo DiCaprio (or Michael Fassbender)

Who I think will win: Leonard DiCaprio

Outside chance: Matt Damon

Who do you want to win? 

6 thoughts on “Oscars 2016 – Best Actor

  1. Like you, I think it’s DiCaprio’s win, and I think he deserves it. It’s kind of strange that this year, the best actor category is locked down on who’s going to win, as it usually comes down to 2 people (DiCaprio and McConaughey in 2014, Keaton and Redmayne in 2015, etc) and is usually the most unpredictable category to predict. However this time there’s no competition for DiCaprio, it’s his win. If DiCaprio doesn’t win (he will though) I would definitely like to see Fassbender get the win.

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    • Yeah your right no-one has been put anywhere near DiCaprio would be the biggest shock ever if he doesn’t win. I am still gutted about Keaton last year he totally deserved to win Birdman is something else!


      • I liked Birdman as well, it was a completely different movie from what I’m used to seeing and it was a career highlight for Keaton. However, even though I liked Keaton in that movie, I personally would’ve liked to have seen Jake Gyllenhaal win for Nightcrawler that year but unfortunately he wasn’t even nominated. How did you think The Revenant was compared to Birdman?


        • Totally different aren’t they, was shocked to see they were from the same director. Different styles and everything, very impressive! Oh yeah Gyllenhaal didn’t get much credit for Nightcrawler, I wasn’t a fan of the film but he was brilliant in it.


  2. Well I don’t own any Apple Gadgets (disgraceful I hear you say!) but that didn’t stop me enjoying Steve Jobs and in particular Michael Fassbender’s performance. I also thought Trumbo was really good and in particular Bryan Cranston’s performance. I do hope you get to see it. Watched the wonderful Roman Holiday recently, which was written by Trumbo. However, there can only be one outcome.
    Want to win – Bryan Cranston
    Will win – Leonardo DiCaprio

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