Odeon – Limitless


I received an email from Odeon Cinemas yesterday morning announcing that everything is going to change! Eventually another UK cinema chain is following Cineworld’s lead and offering a monthly pass to go and see as many films as possible with a monthly fee. I will admit that I am surprised that this has not happened sooner.

The email did not contain much information but after some online searching it seems as though the price will be £17.50 per month or £99.99 for 6 months. Along with 10% off food and drinks (This will be confirmed next week when the registering opens, they are also going to send £15 gift card to anyone signing up before 11th March who registered early).

I think this is great news for Cinema in the UK and will increase the number of people heading to the cinema as you only really have to go twice a month to get your moneys worth with how much they charge for tickets now. Especially if people don’t live near a Cineworld and have the Unlimited Card.

Unlimited – Limitless

Not really too far away from each other but I think it is such a good thing and in all honesty I am pretty jealous as from my Odeon experience in January it was so much better than the Cineworld I go to (it really needs a revamp as some of the seats are broke and well awful to be honest). Not only the seats but also the chance for IMAX and D-BOX as well as plenty more food and drink options.

Well done Odeon for rolling this out!

13 thoughts on “Odeon – Limitless

  1. Thanks for the good news. I visit the Odeon Metro Centre occasionally and this will come in useful. I wonder if they will keep their premier club card. Also I would expect their limitless card for cinemas in central London to be more expensive.

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    • Yeah Cineworld have a slighter higher charge for London cinemas but still worth it with the prices. It was the metro centre odeon I went to in January and I was very impressed!


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