Top 100 Romantic Films: 91-100

Here we go with the start of the list!

100. The End of the Affair (1999) 💔 😈


A truly heartbreaking experience of an affair and it certainly shows a very raunchy side of it all. Who better than Ralph Fiennes to have as the lover he certainly has the charm and charisma to pull it all off. It has some very intense moments really showing the love they share for each other and want to be together. It is extremely intense from start to finish but does not have the best of endings.

99. The Apartment (1960) 😃


A film which has plenty of different types of love flowing throughout it, some of which were probably rather shocking back in 1960! Especially considering the apartment is being used for a man to keep seeing his mistress and often different women. But what will happen when the man who’s place it is falls in love with her? Well it gives us plenty of interesting moments with twists and turns.

98. Some Like It Hot (1959) 😂


Another film which certainly has its fair share of different love stories, but certainly hitting the comedy factors as well. I think its a good indicator of how things have changed in terms of romance and women being courted by men, especially when it comes to them wanting the man to be rich.

97. Never Been Kissed (1999) 😃


While parts of this one might be a little bit strange with a reporter going back to high school I cannot deny that the ending is one of the most romantic we get to see in a rom-com setting.

96. One Fine Day (1996) 😃


I certainly have a soft spot for this film, ok yes easy for something that has George Clooney in as the leading man with Michelle Pfeiffer as the leading lady it was always going to be good. The single parents who spend the whole day just annoying and spoiling it for each other were always going to end in a romantic moment, come on its a film of course that was going to happen.

95. The Holiday (2006) 😂


When two women are sick of their lives or should have be the love or lack of, they decide to do a house swap from England to America. This then leads to some much nicer love scenes as they must deal with men who are actually nice to them, which is all extremely corny but at the same time just lovely. I certainly see this one as a guilty pleasure that I must watch at Christmas.

94. Sleepless in Seattle (1993) ❤️😃


A very lonely man still struggling to come to terms with the death of his wife is about to have his life flipped upside down when his young son rings a radio station one night trying to help him. This then leads to lots of woman wanting to be with him, but theres only one that really fits. I think the biggest reason for liking this one has to be because of the references to An Affair to Remember! Come on they eventually meet at the top of the Empire State Building!

93. Save the Last Dance (2001) 😢


A very tough love story due to the challenges the young pair come up against as they help each other through dance with the very different styles they are most comfortable using.

92. The Lobster (2015) 💔


This might seem like a strange choice on most romantic but it does certainly have its moments but it also shows a very dark side of love. What would happen if the world changed and if you did not couple off and then get married you would be turned into an animal . . . Of your choice, but when they are out in the woods a romance does blossom which certainly gives us hope I cannot argue with that at all. The ending is very open so it is up to the viewer to decide.

91. Love and Other Drugs (2010) 😢❤️😈


Parts of this film really does rip your heart out but the power of love and a romance once she eventually lets it really does prove that it can make you feel a little bit better even for the odd few days. Gyllenhaal and Hathaway really have great chemistry and make such a believable couple.


18 thoughts on “Top 100 Romantic Films: 91-100

  1. Great list! I wouldn’t know where to start! I think I would add some of the oldies in there. The king and I, Easter Parade, funny face. breakfast at Tiffanys, blue lagoon.. sleepless in Seattle would be higher. I wouldn’t be able to name a top 100 though.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It really was such a tough challenge to try and place them. I started by listing all of the romantic films I had seen well most of them not the ones I didn’t like of course! Totally missed The King and I and Breakfast at Tiffany’s (haven’t seen the others you mentioned).


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