Top 100 Romantic Films: 21-30

And here we go with the next 10 . . .


30. French Kiss (1995) 😂😃


As Kate loses her fiancé to a woman in Paris she decides to beat her fear of flying to win him back. On the plane she meets Luke who she cannot get rid of no matter what she does. The reason behind this? Well he only placed some stolen goods on her, but in return decides to help her to win Charlie back. In the end though is Charlie the man she really wants now? Come on in Paris we are bound to get a good love story.

29. P.S. I Love You (2007) 😭


Quite possibly one of the saddest films on the list, this is a difficult watch as we must see Holly dealing with the death of her husband Gerry. At such a young age after he had a brain tumour. Something you cannot imagine, but before he died Gerry left a series of letters and surprises to help her cope with life without him. So many romantic and incredible things, but what will happen when the letters stop?

28. Ghost (1990) 😢


Another massively sad film which involves the man dying, well in this case murdered. Sam comes back as a ghost though as he could not move on to the next place knowing his killer is still out there and may harm Molly. It’s a lot more complicated than he first realises and it shows how strong their love was when she can sense him around, a bittersweet ending as they properly get to say goodbye.

27. An Education (2009) 💔


A first love and romance can certainly be the hardest to get over especially when it ends in the worst possible heartbreak for Jenny. Especially considering she gives up well pretty much her future for David. It turns out that he isn’t the prince he claims to be, which leads to a pretty horrendous scene of heartbreak and tears! But the romance is so real for even just a little while and is pretty impressive.

26. About Time (2013) 😂❤️


A very recent favourite as Tim finds out when he turns 21 that he can travel in time, to moments of his life and re-do them again. Something which can work in his favour when to help a friend he accidentally then erases a meeting with Mary. A woman he feels an incredible connection with, good job he does everything possible to meet her again. They have a fantastic relationship and it really is such a joy to watch.

25. Titanic (1997) 😭


How can a romantic films list not have Rose and Jack on it? Well I don’t think that would ever be possible, we all know that the love would have lasted a lifetime if only she shared the raft with him at the end. But it was a perfect love affair with people from two totally different classes. I will admit that I appreciate this film a lot more than when I was the 11 year old being snuck into a 12! It makes me cry loads when watching it now.

24. It’s Complicated (2009) 😂


I love this film another which shows that romance is still possible when you reach a certain age, something that is reassuring even if you are far off that age. Streep, Baldwin and Martin all make for a great film to watch. Revisiting an old love and starting out a new relationship with plenty of hilarious moments.

23. The Fault in Our Stars (2014) 😭


Two teenage cancer sufferers meet at a support group and from a friendship a lovely romance blossoms giving them both a reason to keep fighting and wanting to live. Once the tears start flowing when watching this one they don’t really stop. Do not make the same mistake I made watching this on a plane, not a great idea to be crying your eyes out.

22. Shall We Dance? (2004) ❤️😃


Yes another Richard Gere film is on the list and this one has one of the best romantic moments in film. The moment he has the rose and appears up the escalator to surprise his wife ❤ honestly fantastic. Especially after she had a private investigator following him as she suspected an affair as he was learning how to dance. Although that may have possibly been what he was looking for to begin with. A lovely film which I did have a slight over-watching obsession with it at one point.

21. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008) 💔😢


I seem to like this film a lot more than most people do, but I just find it doesn’t actually get enough credit for the interesting story. A man who is ageing backwards yet mentally the same age as Daisy. Eventually they manage to meet in the middle and have an incredible even if limited time together. Something I really do enjoy about this one is that they are both ready and waiting for each other when they reach that point.


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