Dad’s Army (2016) Review


A big screen outing for the much loved 70’s TV series Dad’s Army. All about the English home guard protecting the coastlines and focused on keeping everyone safe.

I remember the Dad’s Army being on TV on a Saturday afternoon and in all honesty had no idea it was actually from the 70’s! I thought it was something made at the time in the 90’s. But never mind that’s not really my point with this, I just remember the TV show. Not even sure if I liked it very much but from the trailers thought this looked pretty funny at times but the big thing it has three actors I really love in Bill Nighy, Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Gambon. The latter was very underused! The problem with watching a film because it has some of your favourites in is that you then disregard if you will actually like the film because that is the reason you choose.

The plot of the film is probably the main reason it is disappointing as who the German spy is so obvious from the very start it doesn’t have any suspense or need to try and work it out, that is something that could have dramatically improved the film. As what the home guard did in the second world war was pretty fantastic, any man who was too young, too old or unable to enlist for whatever reason was able to feel a worth fighting for their country in the war.

Another problem with the film has to be that while I vaguely remember the TV show I cannot really remember much about it. The lines which I am guessing have been taken into the film were lost on me and I am sure that will be the case for everyone after a certain age. I think the film will actually struggle to find an audience who will truly appreciate it. As surely the main watchers of this as a TV series are no longer interested.

Casting wise they really did put together such an incredible British cast. I really enjoyed seeing Mark Gatiss on the big screen after being truly impressed with him in Sherlock. But being able to bring Toby Jones, Bill Nighy, Michael Gambon, Tom Courtenay, Catherine Zeta Jones and some younger talent in Daniel Mays and Blake Harrison. Along with actors we know from many British TV shows over the years was quite remarkable, just a shame they didn’t have a better script to work with. It also fell into the comedy trap of the funniest moments being shown in the trailer (don’t we just hate it when that happens).

It has made me realise just how much I miss seeing Catherine Zeta Jones in films, she has always been a favourite of mine since her star turn as Velma Kelly in Chicago! Not to mention that Bill Nighy still managed to be very Billy Nighy. Both of those things were not enough to save the film for me.

The other thing with it being a British film and living in the UK is that it really has been publicised a lot over the past few months as well, you have been able to pre-book tickets for the film at cinemas since October/November time which I thought was totally crazy. The screening I was in last night was pretty full but I think this film will suffer when anyone who has seen it doesn’t have anything positive to say about it. As it really is a nothing film in terms of nothing really happens, who wants to just watch a bunch of men losing all dignity as a woman arrives in the small town?!?! Massive disappointment with the plot and misuse of a truly talented cast.

6 thoughts on “Dad’s Army (2016) Review

  1. Thanks for the review, you have rather confirmed all my preconceptions about this film which I’ve held ever since I learned it was being made. I grew up in the 1970s and used to watch it regularly. Then, like many series of that era, it disappeared from our screens for a couple of decades before enjoying a nostalgic return when those of us of a certain age – and older – had the opportunity to enjoy it for a 2nd time.

    When I heard they were making a feature film and I saw the characters I felt immediately it wouldn’t work. The figures I saw looked like parodies of the original characters who were themselves parodies of members of the British Home Guard in WW2. The characters in the original series were beautifully assembled and had a wonderful chemistry which made the original series work. Your honest review confirms my fears that this one opportunity to do something good with the series’s legacy has rather fallen flat on its face.

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    • Your comments are totally spot on about the film! It would be interesting to see how you found it with watching the series more than I did myself.


    • Yeah the problem with the attempted cash in is that a lot of people like myself don’t relate to it. Yeah apparently it’s been mentioned in different chat shows as well about the spy!


  2. A film should never have been made! I’m quite happy watching the old series. The casting was perfect for the original show! Hopefully they don’t start bring all the old classics back as films.

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